Have anyone seen a ghost or believe in paranormal?

I have personally never seen one. I used to think that paranormal shows is pure acting but I have seen one possessed by them. Now I know they are fucking real. I will make the story short,
My school arrange for a trip to Fort Derawar back in my homeland. It was pretty old Hindus Mythical fort known to control river, dates back to 1 bc but preserved due to extensive repairs. We got there, make fun of ghosts in lower chambers (1st floor) and challenged dark forces and my friend pee under the 600 years old tree despite being told not to do that by natives. Well on our return, he was screaming "Please stop hitting me in female voice". let me tell you its no joke. I am ready to severe on holy book that I still can't sleep properly at night due to that accident.

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It all happen in moment, as I mentioned above,
We are returning from fort at about 8:00 clock and all of sudden my friend started screaming. First like one user mention here "I think prank but it was not and when we realize what's happening, every one fucked up and jumped out of bus windows.


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  • Paranormal shows IS acting, but ghosts do actually exist. Those shows are a joke and I can't stand to watch them. I've actually seen a ghost multiple times. There was a lady that I've seen 3 different times in my life, and I saw a couple ghosts here and there that didn't want to be seen.

    News flash: Ghosts and spirits don't want to be seen. None of the ghosts I have seen attempted to speak to me, and they all disappeared after a few seconds. Once when I was little, I looked to the left and saw a man in my grandma's bathroom. He looked shocked. When I backtracked, he was gone.

    • is it sarcasm, if it is its not helping. I have taken therapy to control depression due to that accident.

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    • What the FUCK are you going on about? I asked you to finish your STORY. YES I believe in GHOSTS, but what you just said is completely irrelevant.

    • I have updated the question noob.

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  • I've never seen a ghost but I do believe in the paranormal


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  • I haven't literally 'seen' ghosts but I've experienced some quite strange/unexplainable stuff, especially in old buildings where people died in the past.
    I'm too rational to believe in them 100% without the factual evidence but I'm considering the possibility.

  • I may have... I was in middle school so it is hard to say if it was a memory I made up or an actually memory

    • Well, nice I am pretty sure mine was not a memory. I jump out of the bus window by breaking the glass following class mates example.

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    • Her eyes will be black, pure black without eyelids.

    • maybe? I don't think we can really know that for sure. And if it is a real memory she definitely didn't seem dangerous or anything.

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  • No I have not