Does this mean my record is clean? Or not? Help?

?Does this mean my record is clean ? Or not ? Help?

So i just turned 18 and got a job however i dont really know how to read my info does this mean my backrounds clean? Or not? Im confused by the bottom part of the paper.. ( yes i used to get in trouble a lot ) and i also only scribbled out my name and social sec.


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  • I can't even read that on my phone. If it's minor misdemeanors, I wouldn't about it, so long as you don't lie about it. I'm not sure about your state, but here in MA your party offenses are sealed after 10 years if you haven't commuted any crimes (speeding/parking tickets excluded)

    • *petty offenses*... glad someone could read that document.

    • Lol i dont even know why the pic came out weird i took it super clean. And thankss :)

  • If there is no court record found, it means you are clean based on government records. If you're not clean in your own opinion, then that's your opinion.

    The bottom of the paper suggests reason for delay in receiving your records. It doesn't suggest you were at any sort of fault. It simply means the court usually sends everything in 20 days, but there was a delay at the court, so it took longer.

    • Thank you!!! .. My mom was telling me i had something on it i was like what?

    • You also meet company standards

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