If my friend told me to hit him for 20 bucks, was it still wrong?

As the title says it, that's what happened and it busted his lips a bit. There was a bit of blood.
He dared me to hit him for 20 bucks. But was it still wrong for me to do? I kind of felt bad. He tried to play it off as it was nothing but he still had to clean it.


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  • Ahaha my husband likes to bait me into *trying* to do "dominant" things... and then he just makes a mockery of me, which kinda has the ultimate effect of just amplifying the whole feeling of erotic submission/humiliation.

    Like... hmmmmm

    So this one time I was talking about "let's play slaps"... basically, this party game from high school, where you'd take turns -- a boy would slap a girl's ass, and then she'd slap his face.
    (Believe it or not, this game was not nearly as erotic as it sounds -- teenagers aren't as weirdly sexual with all that shit as adults are. Basically just kids fucking around.)

    And he's like, ok, let's play slaps... You first.

    He sits in front of me, and I smack him -- hard, or at least what feels hard to me -- across the face.

    Fucker just smiles at me, and he's like "Warmup huh? ok, you can go again."
    Ahahahh he knows how to push my buttons.

    So, he lets me take ten or so more "turns" in a row. I'm slapping him literally as hard as I can (his face was actually a little swollen the next day), and he's not even reacting.
    He's just grinning at me, and occasionally throwing in some comment like...
    ..."Is that all you got?"
    ..."Harder" (grinning)
    and the best of all...
    "You hit like a girl"
    ahahahh that one pissed me off. He got blood plastered across his lips for that one -- but, nope. Didn't even flinch. Just smiled at me.

    The man *owns* me.

    When we play games like that, and I just CANNOT get him to budge even a fucking inch... ahahah I just feel more humiliated/submissive than ever. Which pays off handsomely, when it's time for him to give me what I deserve for being such an insubordinate bad girl.


    My point was.

    Hopefully this guy "played" back, and teased YOU somewhat, and made this game fun.

    Oh, and, the money just ruins it completely. Fuck that.


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  • Well he told you to so what'd he expect?

  • I don't know what's wrong with people...

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