Huge fear off needles and have to get blood drawn?

I'm EXTREMELY afraid of needles (I'm 13 and I was crying in the office when I heard I have to get blood drawn.) And I have to get blood drawn today. I'm afraid I'll jerk away when they are taking blood and will burst a vein or something. Please please help. I don't know what to do.


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  • I am in no way a fan of needles either , not so much afraid ; just don't like them nor the feel. With that being said , you can't change how they feel or the sting of being stuck. But you can to a degree fool the brain. If you close your eyes before they begin and honestly concentrate on something else , the experience will not be as bad as you are concentrating on the needle.


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  • Drink a glass or two of water about 1/2 hour beforehand. It helps the veins to dilate. As Bryon says, try and concentrate on something else just for a few seconds.

    • Good luck! I know how you feel!

      Welcome to GAG, as well! I hope you stay for a while.

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    • Always welcome!

      Take care, stay safe!

    • thanks :)

  • Don't worry, I used to be afraid of them too :) Just tell the person taking your blood that you're a bit worried, they will understand and see it all the time. It's really no biggie, a sharp scratch, you'll see that when you do it!

    • I'm really worried because about 4 years ago I had to get blood drawn... 4 nurses had to hold me down

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    • Obviously, I can't tell you that there's no risks to anything or you will live happily ever after. There's risks in anything, even getting in a car. The risks are to my understanding, extremely low. And I presume your mother is okay now. Obviously, it's ultimately your choice. Hopefully some of what I said may help. Best of luck!

    • Thank u, it did

  • I hate needles too 😣

    I just try to focus on other things and not look at it.


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