Should I go for dinner with them?

This guy from my senior batch in like 2013, we have spoken a few times. So like I have lost weight and I have put on a bit and my Instagram is a little famous, like I look better in pictures than reality. That's what I think, so anyways so my other friend talks to him now and I haven't spoken to him since ages. So it's going to be me, my friend, my friends cousin sister and him and his friend. I don't know if I should go, I just feel self conscious right now and I have my period too.

I want to go, but I don't know.
Please reply?


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  • Why not?

    • I don't know I am insecure about my body right now, Cause I have put on weight.

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    • Don't worry! We are still young! We can still change! Also... People care more about your attiude.

    • Hey, just saw this! Yes I am anyways gymming, thank you, you beautiful person. Have a good day! :D

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  • I would go anyhow.


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  • Why not? Go for it. Your update says you want to go, so give it a shot.