Do some still actually believe that Christopher Columbus was a hero?

Myth of the people thinking the earth was flat in that century is false (greeks knew it hundreds of years before)... Until his dying day he still believed that he reached asia... He never reached North America in any way... Just Islands near South America... More importantly and dramatically... If he had been living in our time, or two hundred years after his time.. He would be trialed for crime against humanity, having done to natives atrocities comparable to the crimes done during the second world war... Forcing work, converting religions, enslaving thousands upon thousands of natives, cutting hands if they didn't get enough gold, selling girls as sex slaves to his men.. Burning most of them if they would not convert, punish by cutting ears and noses... Don't give an excuse saying this was mildly common at his time... Because some of his men themselves later wrote they never recovered from all the horrible things they had seen and participated in, which defied human nature... To give a true estimate there were about 3 million natives prior to Columbu's arrival, Only fifty to sixty thousand remained simply four years after... Despite what is being spooned by schools this is the ugly truth... Would you celebrate someone like this?


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  • i didn't kno anyone considered him a hero

    • You don't know about Christopher Colombus day? He supposedly discovered the earth was round (false) and first set foot in America...

    • we don't celebrate that, he wasn't the first person to set foot in america. people already lived there.

    • No he was the first European... Vikings had already came but what I guess... Natives don't really count, coz of curse they were living there... they were from there

  • I always find it interesting that people believe that humans can evolve and improve but then insist on holding people that lived hundreds of years ago to today's standards. It's nonsense.

    • This is an interesting point.

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    • pfft go do your homework and study up a little more child. Columbus was a a man of his time not so different from thousands of others across the world nd in hundreds of cultures.

    • LOL No don't worry... I probably been in history class a lot more recently then you.. Besides I read quite a few documents myself before writing this.. Let's spare the sources coz you probably don't give a shit and you just want to contradict me at this point...
      AND I CAN GUARANTEE YOU... That mass genocide in 1493 and perhaps way before... Was completely prohibited.. Selling child into prostitution was forbidden... Commiting violences on kids women and children was prohibited... He was not a man of his time... He was the KILLER of his time Yes... Why are you F.. ing defending this horrible person... See that's what I was talking about.. You're the perfect example.. People in utter denial even when they are presented with the truth...

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