Best magic the gathering stuff for a new player?

I've NEVER played Magic the gathering. So what do you recommend a new player should buy? Just know that I'm just going to be a casual player. Never planning on going into huge tournaments and stuff.


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  • Do you know how to play? If not, I would recommend downloading Magic Duels from Steam. It's a free game.

    Beyond that, just keep in mind that magic is a pretty expensive game. It boils down to if you are going to hang out at a card shop and play with that group or just screw around with the game at home.

    They print a new set of cards roughly every 3 months. Just buying packs and opening them is actually a relatively pointless and expensive way to go about building up your card collection to make decks. If you have enough people to play with you can buy packs to do drafts or sealed events. This is where you pick a card from a pack and keep passing the packs around until you have drafted all the cards and then try to build a deck.

    If you just want to build the strongest deck that you can, you should probably look through the list of legal cards and individually try to buy those cards from websites or whatever store you might go to.

    I know that didn't give you a specific answer, but only because it's a bit more difficult to answer than that. Shadows over Innistrad is the newest set out and a new set, Eldritch Moon, is coming out near the end of this month. You probably want to look towards cards from these two sets to start with.

    • I never play it before and don't know how to. I just wanted to give it a try. Thanks, I'll check those out. I'm mostly just want to play with my friends. we always wanted to have gaming nights. Like magic the gathering and D&D. Stuff like that.

  • I've never heard of that game


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