What sentence do you think this juvenile with hyped hormones is about to get?

I work a normal job from 9-5 during the weekdays but sometimes when I leave and dont have nothing to do I go help out at the business my parents bought not to long ago, which is a little convenient store in the middle of the ghetto. obviously like any other typical business in the middle of the ghetto things get pretty rough there every now and then but today was the top one by far.

the other day we had this bad 13 year old come shoplift our place multiple times. after confronting his ass we kicked him and his friend out and told him to never come back. I guess today this little clown was bored to death, he came in the store stirring up the pot.

1 - First he sticks out the middle finger at our camera.

2 - then starts verbally assaulting one of our coworkers by shaming him for his ethnicity and his immigration status.

we told him to leave but he wouldn't listen so he gave us no choice but to force his ass out of the shop. but as we forced him out he

3 - swings and tries to assault our coworker

and finally when we succeeded at keeping his ass out he decides to

4 - kick out entrance door and leaving a humongous crack behind

I'm guessing today was the time of the month were the preteen hormones kick in the highest. so high that apparently this little shit did not care that we recorded his ass on camera all along. so we called the cops and showed them the whole footage and they said they were gonna take actions. but oh well I'm kinda curious, I wonder what this kid is gonna get charged for all of the above?


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  • Verbal & physical assult, disturbing the peace, shoplifting & proably vandalism or just one of these crimes.


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  • If you want to hit him hard, you could go for attempted assault with a hate crime caveat because of the racial abuse and criminal damage for the door - He would think twice about his actions in the future.