What would you think if someone out of nowhere contacted you demanding an apology?

If someone apparently took time to search you on fb to talk about how you supposedly wronged them in the past as a teen.

Not exactly an apology but something like ''I bet you don't remember me but I do. So do you really have an regrets, anything you would like to take back?''.

This was my reply back:
I'm sorry but I have no idea what you're talking about Paige. I'm not a doctor yet but I recommend that you seek counselor. Bye now

Frankly not sure what she gain from that. I'm someone is practicing demanding an apology that's annoying. They aren't owned if I don't feel like giving it.


Most Helpful Girl

  • its good that u at least acknowledged what she said. it could have been something super small that just stuck with her that u can't remember.
    if u dont regret anything, then u can't really lie and say that u do. so i think u did the right thing. u culd have left out the last part, cuz it sounds kinda bitchy. but at least u responded to her. so she doesn't feel ignored and even worse and now she knows whatever u did do, years ago, wasn't intentional.

    • yeah. Honestly, I think that someone that brings up old times and still complains about you being unfair to them 4 years after HS graduation... it does makes me wonder if they're even in their right mind.

    • in my opinion who can you really apologize when you don't really feel you did anything wrong. I'm not a fan of giving out fake apologies just because someone demands it. They aren't owned one.

    • yea, u don't OWE her anything. maybe it was just something she had to do to get over whatever it was thats bothering her. I don't know. its strange for sure.

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  • I would give it to them.

    • Why? It wouldn't be sincere if they had to demand it from you.

What Girls Said 2

  • I would laugh.

    • yeah... I felt like laughing at her one more time.

  • Would depend on what they were seeking an apology for. Maybe I did really hurt them. I'd hear them out and then determine whether their grievance is valid. If it is, I'll apologize and wish them the best moving forward.

    • The fact that it's demanded is already irritating to me. If I wanted to apologize, I would without needing someone to ask me for it. If I were to give it out, it wouldn't be sincere either way.

    • Well, whatever. I think you're being unnecessarily abrasive. What's the harm in simply asking what this is about and hearing them out? Maybe you did really hurt them and didn't realize how much you hurt them or have forgotten about it because it didn't seem like such a big deal to you at the time? Teenagers can be very cruel, why is it so hard to believe maybe you said or did something cruel that left a lasting impact on this person when you were younger?

    • Yeah I guess so. I was pretty cool as a teen (not too nice but not a total bitch either) and wouldn't hesitate to call someone out on his/her bs. Many of us had our groups and I was kind of like a classifier.
      Only time someone got excluded is if we considered that person was giving everyone else trouble, whinning too much, too emotional or seriously too either always negative or there is something wrong about him/her.