Can someone please tell me what this dream means?

Omg I keep having this reoccurring dream that I'm with this guy and I have his phone and like everything is normal and like were really touchy but then all of a sudden he vanishes and I realize that I still have his phone and I'm like "oh crap where is he he needs his phone" and ten I see this girl and at first I didn recognize her but then I realized she as from the other dream and she was like 13 with short blonde hair and I was like "oh you must be his sister" then I get a text and he's saying something about how he left his phone and then my grandma has my phone and she's like "jaquelyn you have a text" and for some reason my phone was unlocked and I was thinkin omg she's gonna see our old messages and se start scrolling and I'm still texting him and for some reason like he needed his phone I think I remember him saying his parents will do something to him but I don't know but right when I was gonna ask him if he wanted me to hold on to it or not his phone died and I didn even get to give him my number but I was thinking he'd have it from before and I dunno why but I could see all the things we were texting on my phone...


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  • Your crazy... Na Im just playing. Relax, you obviously like this guy and the rest is just gibberish. the saying is that, "if you dream about a person its because they were thinking about you before they fell asleep." I don't know how true it is but obviously something in your subconscious is trying to tell you something. Give him a call, or text him. Who knows what can happen!

    • But I don't know who the guys is like I've never met him

    • Oh, hahaha, ok, i get you. Your still not crazy. As a matter of fact, i had a dream 2 nights ago about a girl that I was cuddling with. (thats all) It wasn't my ex or anyone i knew. But all i knew is that i felt the happiest that i ever could. and safe. I have just gotten out of a 1yr relationship and was feeling down for a while (like a month) and when i woke up i felt better. Maybe its just your mind trying to find a comfort zone for you while it can control everything. because it obviously can't in real life.

    • I think you might be right about that

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