Has your boss ever yelled at you, or raised their voice at you for something silly?

My boss called me into her office and raised her voice to me because I sighed while speaking to her over the phone. She specifically asked me why I did it, and I obviously didn't know what she was talking about. She took it to heart and said she didn't feel like I wanted to take direction or listen to her.

First of all, I sigh. I sigh a lot. And a lot of the times I sigh at random. I can guarantee that many of us sigh a lot, but don't really think too much about it.

And lastly, I've worked there for over 3 years. I do my job, and I do my job well. But my work environment can be pretty volatile. I never feel like my voice is ever heard, and I often get interrupted or talked over.

But it really bothers me that I get chewed out for sighing, but there are numerous times where my coworker will sigh in front of her when she's speaking, and she doesn't chew her out. It's just so frustrating to feel like your boss has it out for you, especially when you're in a very small office, so you can see favoritism.


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  • Yes.

  • Once or twice.
    My fault, I love to play mind games.


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  • He scolded me

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