What Movie Do You Think Will Win A Razzie For Worst Movie Of The 2010's and why?

Which Movie Do You Think it Might Be

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  • I have a feeling that it will be Ghostsbusters. I've heard so much bad reviews about that movie.

    • It definitely might be nominated but it definitely could also be Avatar The Last Airbender (I never watched that movie but most I seen say they hate it and critics hated that movie too

    • The show on nick was great though the movie was shit!! :p

    • @Juliethebrunette I love the Show always have I'm happy that I never watched the movie because most people I seen hate it Avatar The Last Airbender will definitely be a contender for the Razzie if that movie doesn't win Jack And Jill probably will (I'm so happy I never seen that movie either (:

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  • The Last Airbender should win that hands down because it's worse than shit.

  • Not a clue


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