Stomach fat: how much is too much?

whats your opinion on stomach fat? Im an fit average-skinny person who eats healthy homemade foods for the mots part and workout regulary. Im above average in terms of strength and endurance, and foods like sugar, processed foods, junk food and non-whole wheat products isn't a part of my everyday diet.

But even when im doing most things "right", i still have stomach fat to the point where i can grab it with two hands. Its not so much that it folds when sitting, but its still "too much" in my opinion. i find it embarassing and unattractive (on me), and even when i introcuded HIIT into my workout regime, started eating more protein and veggies, started doing way more ab and core exercises, drinking 3-4 L water a day and stop drinking basically. the only difference i really noticed was that my stamina got a lot better and i became stronger.

In addition after doing some research I realised that i got a body type where im more prone to store fat in the stomach area. Im still fighting the buldge so to speak, and i refuse to quite before i have reached a flatter stomach, but i dont want to put my life, love life esepcially, on hold because of it. So again, whats peoples view on this? would it turn most guys off?


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  • I prefer slim types, but I always admit on here, that a slightly chubby tummy can be very sexy and hot. With the right personality, it certainly wouldn't put me off.

  • shouldn't stick out more than 4 inches


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