Does anyone else experience life like this, in tones/colors/auras & some moments stand out from the normal daily life?

This is difficult to describe, but I experience my life in tones or auras, like certain moments are colored with a certain tone. Like I feel as if the normal monotony of life is fairly bland, and I don't truly appreciate or enjoy my existence during these moments... But then I go through periods (which may last between hours or even months) of which feel almost mystical or stand out from the normal life I live. For example, one winter it just felt like a mystical dazy moment, that lasted a few months.. The music I listened to, the thoughts I had, the people I experienced life with.. They were like a metallic purple and black. My life felt touched by something, that made me feel in a different plane or something. It's so difficult to describe ugh. Or like, each fall.. It's the same usually.. This feeling that accompanies each fall.. A warm, shoegaze-like, dazy, crisp feeling. I know that's the weather but it's also something more... Like I enjoy being in the city more during this period because it's so fitting. The shops, the people, it reminds me of a certain youth.. A slow-down period that reminds me of the 90's. Does this make any sense? Can someone else put this into words?
or like late at night when in going to the city, I feel clothed in a deep colored velvet, not literally but in my mind. And the life that exists in the cities just makes me feel a certain way.


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  • I think that's called synaesthesia, it is hard to put those things into words but i feel something similar on a smaller scale
    does it happen to you with certain words too? my name is pink..

    • Hmm interesting, I haven't heard of that before. But no, not so much with words. I was trying just now to think of words and if they have a matching tone... But I don't think so

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