I've been really freaked out by an old man who grabbed my wrist?

I was walking to the bus stop, halfway there this drunk man grabbed my arm as I walked past him and said he needed my help, he needed to get to to the train station, which is about at half hour drive from where we were and how does he get there I said the number of a bus that could take him there or pointed taxi place across the road and then he started asking for my name and how old I was and everytime I tried to get away he grabbed my arm again I lied and gave him a fake name and age and as soon as I did he left, as he was waking along the road he kept calling back telling me to stay safe.
What doesn't help is that when I was younger I got chased home by some man and this has trigger memories of that and I'm so scared to go out tomorrow by myself to go to work


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  • Buy some mace for the next time this happens.


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  • Did you tell your parents?

    • I told my mum and she met me from the bus when I got off but she told me not to worry about it

    • you're probably fine then