How do I improve my unhappy miserable life?

I want to start off by saying that I'm currently unemployed living with my grandmother and that I have no way around, I'm single and always have been single (which is a source of my low self esteem, my depression and bitterness) I'm at my wits end. I do not know what to do besides the obvious. I feel like everything is easier said then done. I'm sick and tired of living a life that I don't want to live.


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  • try to change things up a little. Day to day, doing the same thing can be depressing. You don't look ugly so I'm sure girls would date you if you get out on the town. Try to go out and have some fun. I know you are tired of your life, I know how that feels, I really do. But you've got to try, what do you have to lose anyway.. I hope things improve for you

    • wait so when you say "im not ugly" that means im not cute or attractive either lol?

    • Nooo that's not what I'm saying at all.. By that I mean you are attractive

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  • You think you've had it worst? There are other people out there with fates much worse than yours, believe me. I've been unemployed for quite some time before getting back in the work force and even right now I'm not happy with my life either, never really was, only either More Unhappy or Less Unhappy. I can relate on that.

    Life is miserable because none of us asked or wanted to come into this reality and existence and yet we are here Only because of random chance that our Parents choose to create us, because they Could and Wanted To. But in the end the choice is ours to make on what we want to do with our lives no matter how miserable it may turn out to be.

    As for being chronically single, also can relate on that as well. Don't let my age displayed fool you. I'm actually in my mid-30s and been single throughout since the very beginning. Still alive and kicking, and not gonna give up on life and living.

    However, I more or less had given up "love" because of my views and outlook of this world and reality as I find this world and reality to be absolutely absurd. And because I realize that "love" is just like "there is no spoon" in "the matrix" so I just can't agree on pursuing any lady out there at all when I find "love" to be delusions that come from chemical reactions of hormones in our minds and body, that it really isn't 100% real. You can't rely on someone else to make you happy or complete you such as through an established relationship. And relationships aren't as simple and easy as you want them to be or expect them to be either. I've seen enough bad breakups and divorces that made me look into the whole whether "love" actually even existed in the first place and whether or not if it's even real, which led to how I currently feel and think about that kind of "love".

    There's always something you can still do to earn some pocket cash locally around the neighborhood. But if I were you I'd still be grateful that I'd have a place to stay than not, as when compared to being completely broke and homeless.

    it's difficult times for many people. Don't give up so soon. Someone had said that you only live once, and while you're here you might as well make the most of it and have as much fun as possible while you still can before time's up.

    • I know there are those who have it worse, there is always worse however, I don't compare my life to others.

    • All I'm saying is just because of those reasons alone is why we miserable chronically single guys should not give up on life. You're not the only one that is still single, it's a widespread issue now, more people are single now than ever before. Divorce rates are greater compared to 40 to 50 years ago or something IIRC.

      You will have to figure out what you CAN do and still have control over in your life to make the most out of your current situation.

      My advice is not to sit around all day at home day after day watching tv or playing video games, or similar, while being unemployed and sulk or despair about being unemployed. Believe me I've been there, and it totally fucking sucked that I almost completely lost control. Stay active as much as possible and get out there and network with like-minded people that have the same type of skills sets you have for employment, and keep applying to any open positions you qualify for.

    • Thanks for MHO!

      Any luck getting back in the workforce? There are many kind of skills you can learn that will help you earn some money even if it's not a whole lot.

      Can you drive? Do you own a car? Have you considered Uber or Lyft or any similar rideshare companies?

      Another suggestion is to learn bartending. Just think about it. So many unhappy people are out there right now, therefore do you know what that means? Right, more people are gonna be drinking a lot more and frequent now because they're unhappy with the way things are now in this world. Meaning Bartenders are gonna be in demand, and you don't have to even do this full time, you can do this part-time or on call. Just look into it, try something different and do something about it. Don't just stay all in one place such as in your comfort zone and sulk, mope, or cry about it in isolation. As I've said before I've been in a similar situation before, but I reached out to other people and did something about it.

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  • Hang around me! People say i make life fun


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  • I can't tell you anything profound and life altering, that happens when you have stumble upon the inspiration you need. I say stumble because you it's not a tangible thing. you can't look for something that you can't see or touch.

    I can tell you one thing, there's at least one thing you like to do, a hobby, a project, etc. that can be done socially. Literally pick one thing and look for places that do that for groups of people.

    When you do, you will be put in an unfamiliar territory, and when you feel like running, find a place to sit and look around. You will probably find at least one person who is also there alone. Find some courage to say hi, and do just that. You won't have to worry about finding topic because you're both there for that thing. And since it's a thing you already like doing, it'll come naturally to you.

    Here's a bonus, if another person joins your conversation, say someone you both don't know already, try to introduce your new friend to this new person.

    I did exactly this when I tried to get into martial arts for the first time, by myself, in my late 20s. I like it enough to go for it, the social opportunities came naturally because we're all there for that thing.

    TLDR: find something you like, find a group, give it a try.

  • Be social and try to find new ways and new friends, Dont be alone. Dont hide yourself. Do course. Do school. Do uni. Whatever. But dont be in isolation.

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