Was the elephant guy laughing at me?

So I was like at this amusement park thing.

There was this elephant ride (which was likely for parents with kids) and me and my mom went on it.

When I was sitting the attendant was really cute. When I was done all amused he was like, "Did you have fun," to which I said yeah sheepishly. While getting down he was like do you need help and I was like yeah so I held out my hand and literally grasped his to get off letting out a little, 'ah' and he sorta was like laughing a little surprised.

The girl attendant looked pissed


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  • He was flirting

    • Ha ha he was soo cute.

      But I don't think he was flirting I think he was just being funny my mom was right there lol he wouldn't do that in front of her

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    • They are fun! :) I think I enjoy them more as an adult than a kid because it's fun to pretend to be a kid lol

      Out of curiosity when guys flirt, (which I'm not the greatest at picking up on, clearly lol), what's the point when they won't see the person again? I guess they just think the girl is attractive and want to enjoy the moment kind of thing

    • They're just enjoying the moment, they think you're hot and it feels good to flirt with a hot girl :)

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  • He was being kinda flirty in a nice and respectful way.


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  • I've done that job. It makes you hate people. I wouldn't take the girl's reaction personally.

    He probably wasn't laughing at you and he probably wasn't flirting with you.

    • Lol just being friendly I'm assuming?

      I think he thought I wanted him to give him his hand so I could get off the elephant.

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    • Then why do people take it? I've always wondered.

      Someone told me it's a way for people to earn some money to pay for school but I'm sure there are other student jobs available

    • You think it will be fun at first. And when I did it, there really was nothing else that would give me full-time hours.