My friends dad tried to set me up?

So his sister is like twenty years younger than him and she was having a bday part. She invited all kinds of chicks and apparently i was supposed to talk to them but i was more interested in boozing and watching the fire. So on the drive home people were really mad at me because i didn't talk to the girls. so the question is... is this a big deal because i didn't give to shits but the dude seemed pissed as fuck.


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  • Instead of 'The dude seemed pissed as f*ck' at you,' what is his Response as to Why... All Kinds of chicks didn't seem into Talking to you neither?
    It was a Birthday Bash for the Sis, so why Should anyone be Pissed? It's 'Supposed' to be a Party for Fun for Everyone, and no One's business who gets What Wish on What... Birthday cake. I guess you Blew out his own Candle with Having no Handle on what he thought you Could 'Handle.'
    Let him cool off, and with him not putting Bread on your own Table, don't let it bother you too much. Maybe next 'Bash,' he could be More Rash, and he could give you Some Sort of Head's up so you Know What's up?
    Good luck. xx

  • just leave it alone let them be pissed try to live a stress free live... don't see why they care so much

    • people are super pissed. the only girl i talked too was 16. she didn't look 16

    • the party is over why stress yourself out... who cares they'll have to get over it

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