Is faith a virtue or a problem?

I personally think faith is an excuse that people give when they have no good reason for believing in something, and as such have a big problem with it. I was just wondering what GAGers thought on the issue.


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  • Faith is knowing something without any doubts. That's not problematic. Doubt your faith, in my opinion, would be more problematic.

    • I don't understand that last line, "Doubt your faith" can you elaborate on that real quick?

      And when I talk about faith I mean specifically believing in things without reason, not just belief in general (if you look at the chair example I gave below that may give you a better idea of what I mean)

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    • That being said... I'm farrrr from the best believer out there, but one step at a time.

    • Cool cool

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  • Depends on what kind of faith it is. Religious faith may be problematic. But faith in your fellow humans is not.

    • I guess that depends on what your definition of faith is though. I for example don't equate faith and belief, beliefs can be grounded in reality. For example I may not know for certain that when I sit down in a chair that it will hold me up, but that is not me having faith in that chair because I have a wide body of evidence that shows that normally chairs will hold me up. Something taken on faith (from my use of the definition) would be something that their is no evidence for, but you believe in it anyway.
      With regards to humans we have every reason to believe that as a species we are getting better.

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  • I think faith is hope, hope that there is life after death, that our life meant something

    • interesting take on it.

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    • I see. Do you think this is some sort of consciousness or just the natural forces of nature?

    • I don't know
      Some force, invisible to science just yet

      I hope one day we'll find out

  • I don't believe in it

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