What are some signs your ex is still into you and how to win them back? Has it ever worked out for the best?

I want to know what are some of the signs your ex is possibly still into you and if so how to win them back? I am in a weird situation but will speak up eventually to him. We broke up about 3 months ago. He was struggling with job security and closed himself off from everyone for a good month and at the end he said he felt like we were not growing closer and he did not feel what he thought he should. Drives me crazy bc b4 he was saying he falls for me more everyday and everyone knew. He was the first to reach out after. We still talk and joke around and we do still have sex. Yes i know big No. I do not just want that I am going to tell him how I feel eventually. Going over we have fun tickle fight wrestle, talk and of course sex. Its not your typicaal have sex and leayve either. I sleep over and he hold me close at night kisses me etc. I still feel the feelings are there but I don't know. Im lost as what to do. I feel like it ended too soon and we have another shot. So what are some signs your ex is still in to you, how to win them back and if it ever happend to you how it worked out. Also if i could have a chance?


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  • You don't want him back. You're fucking up


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