Should I just get with younger girls? I'm turning 28 but I still look no more than 20 years old?

I'm turning 28 in January. I get carded everywhere and look 18 to 20 at most. I'm very frustrated over my genetics and hated myself for a long time but I've been thinking to just accept it. I don't know if I stunted my growth during puberty or what but my bones don't look developed and I haven't filled out. I still look like a teenager/college boy rather than a full sized man, shit sucks.

The only girls that I attract are like 19-20 at most. What do I do

  • You have to play the cards that you were dealt with. Go for whatever type of girls find you attractive
  • They're too young
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  • That's entirely up to you. Its only 8 or 9 years of an age gap. Don't just go for the younger women if you don't feel comfortable with it. Keep your options open and try getting to know women nearer yor own age group. If you look younger than you are then it can be an advantage, their are cougars out there you know. ;) You're lucky in a way, I'm turning 25 this year and people still think I'm 21 but I seem to attract all different ages of men. Some even old enough to be my dad. Lol! The older men are the ones that seem to be more direct, while the guys closer to my own age group are either already taken or just never have the balls to talk to me. Good luck with whatever decision you make.


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  • Given your age, you may be able to connect to 21+ years girls on an emotional level if not physically, and that's more important I believe. Try having more serious conversations with 21+ girls, you may find something more than attractive.

  • It's a blessing! Take advantage of it! IF you can get hot girls in their early 20s, do it! :D

    • Girls in their early 20s won't even acknowledge me as potential... Last time I got hit on was by a 16 year old high school girl who personally looked like a child to me. They think I'm in fucking high school.

    • Well, in that case, do some approaching of your own. Don't wait to get hit on!

  • Young girls are great, get them while you can , you'll be glad you don't look your age later in life that's for sure

    • No doubt... I am a lot older than that guy and I get hit on by 19 year olds that think I am 22. At the moment there is a 22 year old that is interested and she thought I was 20... but when she noticed me mentioning all of the different collages I've been to she asked how old I was... she was shocked.

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    • If you really want to look a bit younger, try reading up on Hydrolized Collagen supplementation. After a few months, it knocks of anywhere from 5 to more years from a persons body / face if you are consistent. Clinical trials also show this. Collagen Complete and Great Lakes are the two top brands.

      There are a few people it does nothing for though but those cases are very rare. On the most basic level, ageing is simply an accelerated depletion of Collagen in the body...

    • @Truthatanycost thanks I'll check it out

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