Why does everyone put up with the sheer nonsense of 'smart' people?


They can say whatever they want towards another human being and everyone will actually act like it's okay for them to do that because they're smart.

Or they can treat others badly and get away with it.

I am so fucking sick of it. If beautiful people behaved the same way their life would be a living hell.

Actually... my elder sister was classified as a 'smart' person because she went to a better school.

She bullied me, treated me badly and... get this, she made me decline my offer to the same school that I got admission to.

And my parents put up with every bit of her nonsense because in their eyes she was smarter.

So it was pretty much okay for her to fuck up my life in their opinion.


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  • i don't really understand what you're saying... should smart people not talk?

    obviously being intelligent shouldn't mean you talk down to people or are rude and condescending; however, one certainly shouldn't avoid voicing an intelligent viewpoint

    • She's not even that smart.

      She just went to a better school.

      Whatever, you don't get it

    • so this isn't about smart people in general it's about a specific person

      so no i didn't get that because you didn't explain it well enough... so this ONE person may have a superiority complex. she may be insecure about things so acting intellectually superior makes her feel better and compensate for the areas she feels insecure about

      just explain better rather than presuming people don't get what you are saying

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  • Not sure where you're coming from, if anything beautiful people get more of that treatment than smart people.

    • Ha ha ha ha.

      Yeah no way.

      Maybe in high school but not University and beyond.

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    • I know that's a really small example, but it is still a good one.

      Someone actually spent the time and effort to help you out and you talk shit about that person instead of saying thank you like what is wrong with people?

    • I mean what I'm trying to say is that that person is just a shitty person. It doesn't have anything to do with whether or not they're smart.

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  • She made you? What, did she hold you at knifepoint and tell you not to go or else...
    People only have as much power over you as what you give them. You don't have to be argumentative or opposing her but if she tells you to jump off a cliff, you don't have to...

    • This school was a competitive business school. I was already wary of going. I sought her help and she played her cards well to convince me I shouldn't go.

      Then she changed. She'd put down my home University. Brag about her school. Imply I wasn't smart enough to go when SHE told me not to lol this whole situation is so fucked up but it speaks volumes about her character.

      By the way this was just the start of it. She's been behaving like this for 6 years ever since I declined that offer because she knew that she'd get her way in pretty much everything.

      Also this is NOT a focused person we're talking about. After graduating she got laid off and hasn't worked a day in her life for 5 years

    • in my opinion, distance yourself from her and don't let her get to you

  • Lol sounds like you got in a debate with an individual who was much smarter than you and sort of put you in your place. Dumb people deserve to get shot down they go on nonsensical babbles.

    • Actually... my elder sister was classified as a 'smart' person because she went to a better school.

      She bullied me, treated me badly and... get this, she made me decline my offer to the same school that I got admission to.

      And my parents put up with every bit of her nonsense because in their eyes she was smarter.

      So it was pretty much okay for her to fuck up my life in their opinion.

    • Sounds pretty shitty dude.

  • That's not smartness what you're describing is arrogance and condesention; one doens't have to be smart to be those; granted being smart makes the aforementioned easier to pull off yes

    • It's a partial jealousy too. If she was really that smart she wouldn't really care whether or not I went. She didn't want me to go because her worth as a person would go down if we were both holding the same kind of degree.

      It's actually scary to think she's that evil that she'd mess with someone's academic career just to make sure she's not threatened in any way or form

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    • Also the really funny thing about this whole thing is that like I said today I'm successful as in I speeded through school and she's a loser without a job.

      That is my last laugh.

      See if there's anything I've learned when someone thinks something of you, like this; which is maybe that I'm not that smart, that's that person's opinion. You cannot change it.

      Sure you can do well and make them question it, but the moment you start doing badly they'll go right back to judging you.

      All you can really do is try to be the best version of yourself. If I'm 23 and still young enough to have a normal life of working and finishing mys tudies when I'm not too old and now hopefully earning my own paycheque that's actually more important than proving to my parents who was smarter.

      She's almsot 27 and cut off from the world. What's the point of her going ot taht school when she didn't do anything with her life?

      Yeah I'm so mad at them for their behaviour towards me, but what I realized

    • is that every single human being on this planet is capable of being happy.

      You really have to work at it, but you CAN be happy. That's what is the best 'revenge' or whatever people call it.

      All of what I've studied, all of my hard work and effort it's paying off because today my skill set is sharper. I feel different after getting my degree.

      Life is constantly about trying to improve yourself and haters are going to hate. It shouldn't really stop you from being happy with your life.

  • first of all, 'smart' can be subjective...

    sometimes i hear a person who thinks he's smart talking and my ears bleed,, i really dont know what you consider smart..

    anyway, people these days are extremely simple. theyd rather tell stupid jokes and laugh about dumb things rather than talk seriously about science, politics, government, religion, and other things like that that id consider smart and important..

  • Forgive me I'm not that smart, but I'm not sure what you question is referring to? Shaming tactics shouldn't be employed in intelligent conversation regardless of anyone's genius level IQ.

    • Read my update

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    • No, you're not the bad guy, and I'm not existing your sisters actions. What I am saying though is your sister can't ruin your life unless you allow her to.
      And at this point, I'd also remind you that you guys are sisters, let bygones be bygones. Forgiveness is weird in that you forgive others for yourself. When you don't forgive you carry around negative energy, and in the end the only person you end up hurting by not forgiving is yourself.
      And finally, the sun will come out tomorrow so you gotta hang on 'til tomorrow, come what may! Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow, you're only a day away! (Annie - Tomorrow Lyrics)
      You're 18-24, your life isn't over, it's barely begun.

    • Well.

      Would you ever forgive someone, anyone in your life, who enjoyed watching you miserable? That would be my sister.

      Why? Because we're so close to age that any kind of attention that I get takes the spotlight away from her.

      Some of the stuff she has done has not even just been little sisterly fights they're actual attempts at fucking up my academic career/life. It's crazy.

      And I've to share a house with that little monster.

      You know the one thing that I learned from all this, is that evil comes in different forms. I'm not even kidding. We're taught the world outside is awful and it is, but that doesn't really mean that your'e any less sheltered at home.

      Sometimes I feel like a lot of the times it's the family that causes someone to become truly miserable and then go on to live a depressed unfulfilling life.

      It's just very difficult to try and explain to that person that it's not their fault, because well... we're taught to believe the best about family

  • How can she make you decline admission to a school? That makes no sense.

  • smart people tend to be arrogant because theyre used to being right. thing is, they usually are.

    • Lol she's a botch who doesn't understand numbers who has sat at home without a job for 5 years

    • I wonder if our perception of intelligence has changed where we now equate going to a particular school = smart

    • that has nothing to do with intelligence.

      that's achievement.

  • Well I was always kind of smart and felt the same way about dumb people

    • I'm probably smarter than you are.

      But I'm not delusional. There are tonnes of smarter people than I am.

      At some point in my life I've been treated badly by those who were 'smarter' than me and it made my blood boil.

      It still does

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    • you're way too angry, avoiding any kind of resolve to conflict, avoiding talking about it, and sound 100% sure of yourself, no one should be 100% sure of themselves. you seem really paranoid. steer clear of any stimulants, caffeine, a. d. d. medicine, alcohol, tobacco, try some breathing exercises, and talk to someone, like calm down and actually talk, with an open mind, actually process their input to the conversation.

    • Most people are aware that she's wrong, they don't really care because at the end of the day she did have status even if it was temporary.

      Oh and I don't drink or do drugs but thanks anyway

  • I've met many people who thought they were far more brilliant than I... until I slaughtered them in League of Legends.

  • I don't even know what you're saying

  • dont know lol

  • This doesn't have to do with "smart" but with idiot. Only that smart idiots can play this game most times better.

  • I don't know what your angle is but people that are a bit slower would feel this way.

    • So? Does it matter?

      I could be the dumbest person in the world and it still wouldn't be okay for 'smart' people to behave however the hell they want.

    • I'm just saying dumber people feel victimised by smarter people even though they aren't. They're just 'feeling' it

    • You know that's really funny. I've been treated badly by dumb people because they've felt insecure of me and I do empathize with that view.

      However, honestly, if I've actually hurt them I've felt real guilt about my actions towards them, which I know most smart people don't feel.

      I guess I'm just a better person

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  • I don't know that I've ever experienced that, but I don't tolerate disrespect from anyone, no matter how smart or beautiful they may be.

    • I think this is the message we should send out to our kids however when your own mother supports that kind of behaviour it's so difficult to believe it

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    • No problem! And yes it is! I think a little bit of kindness goes a long way!

    • Agreed completely!!

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