Would you rather be killed or kidnapped?(this is a hypothetical question if you can't be non judgmental then keep it to urself) Please state reasons?

to help with the question I can give a situation:
imagine being in a situation where you either will be kidnapped or killed if you try to run.

  • killed
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  • kidnapped
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  • I don't know
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  • I'd go for kidnapped, I'd ratheer have a chance than have none

    • How do you know your not still gonna be killed after?

    • That's my point. If I get kidnapped there is a chance I won't die and chance I will. I'd rather have some hope than just die

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  • Given those choices, I'd go with kidnapped.

    Death is final, but kidnapping at least means you're alive, and have a chance of escaping/being rescued later.

    • But life may never be the same after
      plus there's torture that could make you wish u ran

    • There could be; that's true. Even torture is not "dead," though.

  • kidnapped, its weird but im not masohist or anything like that, but, as from childhood pain isn't something too bad for me, so if ill be tortured i would go for kidnapping, i can take it


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