Is it a good idea to have a crush on a guy that you don't see often?

Is it a good idea to have a crush on a guy that you don't see often? What I really mean is that should you have a crush on a guy that you don't see often at all. You don't even see him once a week. You may see him few times a year, you don't always have an exact amount. But you and that guy are good friends, your family is good friends too. So, is it a good idea to have a crush on a guy that you don't see often?

Almost all my friends think that he might have a crush on me, so should I do anyways?


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  • It's not a good idea in general to have a crush -- fixating on a person from a distance who is probably also crushing on some other girl from a distance (astronomically low odds that two people are crushing on each other).

    You tend to develop lopsided feelings to a person which inevitably leads to nothing happening at all or a crushing rejection. It's because the person was never allowed that kind of company with you to build mutual feelings. People don't set their sniper rifle scope on each other usually, it's just one person doing it to the other.

    Easier is just ask people out sooner when you just sorta like them without building all these feelings for them beforehand. Then on the date you can build mutual interest.

    • Anyway, since you already like this guy, assuming you can see him regularly if you two arranged it, how about just strike up a conversation and then invite him somewhere? Or if that's too progressive for you for a girl to ask a guy out, just go super, super heavy on the flirting, dangling bait in front of him to ask you out.

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    • Do you guys go to the same school? Maybe you could arrange to hang out during recess. Anything -- some options should come to you.

    • I am not really sure if he is coming to my school or not. Which means he isn't right now.

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  • maybe not the best idea but having a crush is normal. I wouldn't pursue a relationship with him


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  • No it is not especially at your age. In a short time your going to be crushing on a cute guy in your class.

  • No. If one can control such things even.


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