Would this be too nice for a vampire or normal?

If hypothetically speaking I was one, this would be me:
- Never drain blood from normal/innocent people, much less a kid
- Only go after cold-blooded murderers or rapists
- If I can't find a single sick psychopath, feed from either animals or blood bottles

I couldn't ever picture myself as a ruthless vampire that kills anyone just for the heck of it.


Most Helpful Guy

  • You'll get tired of this "justice" thing.

    • Maybe but I wouldn't be able to be a badass type. I imagine feeling guilty if I fed on someone innocent.

    • After several thousand years that guilt probably goes "poof!"

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  • How exactly would a vampire only drink from murderers? How would you know when someone is a murderer? I mean sure it's easy to just say you will kill bad people but how do you really know who is truly bad? I doubt even a vampire could just break into prisons whenever they want several times to kill locked up criminals and I really doubt being a vampire will some how make you a genius detective that can find criminals for every meal.

    • Certain vampires in movies (depending how powerful they are and their gifts) can read through people's mind and what they did. If I knew for sure it's murderer/rapist or saw it happening right there then yes that bad person would be gone.
      Otherwise if I'm not, can't find another bad person or it's hard to break into prison, then I'll do the last on the list I've mentioned.

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  • You'll need to have a lot of self-control for that though.

    • I would still have many of my former traits (esp my hatred for sick psychopaths) even as a vampire. It's all about self-control and remembering your remaining humanity left in you before becoming you.