How long will it take for Everyone to stop being able to see my account on Facebook?

I want to delete my Facebook account and in the site it said that it may need 90 days to delete everything I've posted but I want to know if it will take 90 days as well to delete it so no one can see my account
(sorry for bad English)

Cmon people I need more opinions


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  • It will take 90 days as well. You'd be better off setting the privacy settings and clearing out your friendlist so that no one has permissions but you.


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  • If it's that urgent, you can just unfriend everyone and change your privacy settings, as well as delete your profile pictures etc.

    • Also, if I remember correctly, I don't think anyone can really see your account during those 90 days.

    • Thank you sooo much that was such a huuuge relief

  • I've never heard of 90 days to delete your posts, I've shut my facebook account countless times. No one can go and look at my profile because it doesn't exist anymore...

    • Deactivating it and deleting it is totally different by deactivating you can reactivate it any time you want but when you delete it you can't and all your posts and photos are completely deleted from the Internet. did you deactivate it or did you delete it?

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    • Oh cool, thanks for that.

    • you're welcome :)