Does the Liberal Left just keep getting crazier?


For example

- The left can't make up their mind on male and female brains. On one hand they argue that you can have a female or male brain, thus wanting to chop your genitals of and "change" your gender is not a mental illness but instead justified alteration

On the other hand, they contradict themselves by arguing that gender is a social construct, heck Canada has now made "other" a recognised gender option. That no person is born a man or woman. So essentially they argue 2 oppositions

Modem feminism
- They seek to give as many women as possible obesity epidemics. more women are heavier on average than men today for the first time in history and diabetes and heart attacks are prevalent. Modern left tell women AND men today that they don't need to worry about your weight and that you can simply love yourself even if it isn't rationally what societies think.

- the left have a vehement hatred for anything western involving culture. modern culture consists of an 'authentic Italian restaurant" with Chinese staff or the removal of single gender bathrooms. It involves the back peddling of criticism against Islam without in turn insulting Christianity tenfold to justify it.

Black lives matter
It involves enforcing segregation and race baiting in light of liberalism. Protesting racial cues before waiting on evidence and causing further issues with race

Human life and contradiction
- the left are happy to enforce the same eugenics that Hitler created. Designer babies are pretty much approaching being standardised where you can pick the quality of your babies. Thus this leans towards less diversity and more totalitarianism of who is allowed to be born.

Don't forget. The dilemma now is the left won't be able to make up their mind on opposing a mother that kills/aborts their child because he's gay vs the freedom to do what you like agenda
Or. .. the genetic extinction of gay people due to dna sequencing (but the left haven't decided whether there is a gay gene or you're born gay )


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  • In the left corner we have dyed armpits and the idea that everyone should be happy and looked after equally...

    In the right corner we have people crying over unborn babies and getting shot by their dog...


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  • All I can say to this is that I'm from continental Europe and we're more left/progressive than the US and things simply work better here. Guys like you still mentally live in the 1950s where America was the big land of the free and rich. Well, ain't so no more my friend. Western Europe (and Canada!) rank higher at almost everything than America does. We have less crime, less unemployment, more equal societies, better life quality, less teenage pregnancies, better health care etc. etc. Canada has now officially a higher median income than the US does (median isn't the same as average. Median means that the middle class in Canada is doing better than in the US).

    We don't have any big gender debates in Europe. Wanna know why? Because we keep to ourselves and don't stick our stinky right-wing noses into other people's business. Why the fuck would I care if my neighbor is a transgender? Just leave people alone.
    Our people are mostly skinny because we eat healthy and we know it's important to eat healthy and work out.
    Culture: I don't even know where you're going with this, it's all over the place. I am as left as it gets and I like authentic Italian restaurants.
    And finally, we don't need movements such as Black Lives Matter because we treat our black people decently and our police isn't a bunch of amateur idiots who went through 3 months of training and shoots you if you make a wrong movement.


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  • No, it's the republicans who are batshit crazy


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  • Agreed. Everything you just said is right and makes me hate everything

  • conservatives are the logically corrupt people. they want tax cuts for the rich, more taxes for the middle class and poor, they want war, they want the poor cut off from welfare, yet the poor, and uneducated vote for them. the liberals want too much tax money but at least they provide SOME service to the poor.

    diversity is natures shotgun approach to dealing with problems. it can be good, and it can be bad. why do you want low quality offspring? why do you want your children surrounded by other low quality offspring? you're missing that both sides are screwed up.