Why do I fall in love with unavailable people?

They are usually far away, with someone, or just not ready. It never fails. I always end up falling for someone that I can't have. I don't understand why I attract these types. What is your opinion on this? Thanks.


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  • Or you are retarded, drink too much, never ask for their number, fall asleep, and then never see them again.


    • Nope not it.

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    • @Dragonblood21 I had worse happen. I met this hot Korean girl one time, got her number, called her, went on a few dates with her and everything was going well, got to second base. Then I freaking lost my cell phone somewhere. I scoured the city searching lost and founds for it, never turned up. That was my only contact with her. I never saw her again.

      Make sure you back up your contacts when you do get that number.

    • @ak666
      Well do. Thank you brother.

  • You're not asking them out soon enough so you allow yourself to fixate on them and develop all these one-sided feelings instead of a mutual bond on a date without even knowing where you stand.

    • Try asking a girl out the moment you strike up a nice conversation with her and just think to yourself, "She's pretty, I think I might like her if I know her better". BAM -- you know where you stand right then and there, if she's available or not, and whether she has mutual interest, before you're practically in love with her.

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    • [...] sleeping in your bread [/bed], topless and just wearing panties [...]

    • Also asking a girl out sooner will make the rejection much less awkward. You'll be able to bounce back from it and laugh it off easily, because you don't have those strong feelings for her yet. It's easy to develop a thick skin if you're not waiting until you've practically scripted a perfect life together with her in your head before you work it up in you to ask her out.

      Everything is better when you start asking girls out sooner. You can even do that for an acquaintance if you get her in a nice conversation and she's interested or laughing or whatever. Then you just casually invite her somewhere.

  • You don't attract those types. You are attracted TO them. That being said, humans always want what they can't have. That's just psychology.