Why are women so attracted to a mans status when a guy couldn't care less about a girls as long as she looks good?

(rant/) It seems that most people believe that women are more complex and harder to understand than men are; that they're deeper and more emotionally astute, and overall less shallow than the typical sex-obsessed male simpleton, and that they're attracted to things like "confidence" and "personality." This just isn't true. Women's sexual preferences are no less shallow than men's.

Generally, women are repulsed by men the perceive to be of low social status. They want a man of high social status -- that could mean the 'coolest' kid in school, the cocky wealthy businessman, or the 'mature', handsome gentleman, who likes to show off his sophisticated tastes. In all cases, it's his social standing among his peers that makes him desirable. In brief, they want a man who is popular and sociable, a man who is held in high regard by other men and desired by other women.

Let's be honest: Women are obsessed with their self-image. They dress according to the dictates of fashion. They won't go out before they are in their eyes "decent-looking". They do what magazines tell them to do.
And as the multi-billion dollar beauty, makeup, hair, and plastic surgery industry can attest to, people's perceptions of them are very important.

Obviously, people's perception of the man she's dating is also very important.

Therefore, the more a man looks like he's liked/respected/recognized by his entourage, the more he's sexually attractive to them.
The point is: women want to feel good about themselves. And the higher the social status, the better they feel about snatching or f**king that man.

Of course, this is a generalization and not every woman is like this, but most are.

And that's what the entire "pick-up artist" fad is about- making a girl believe you have high social status so that she'll like you and possibly sleep with you.(/end rant)


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  • Who the hell have you been talking to? Most women don't care about the social status of a man as long as he is a hard worker (in whatever field that may be, construction worker, nurse, secretary, lawyer). Also we are not obsessed with self image. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look put together when you go out. You don't have to be high class to look nice.

    • Most women do care about social status and women are obesessed with self image.

    • no and no but whatever lets you sleep at night

    • Thanks

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  • Women's sexual market is determined by her fertility, youth and beauty. Whereas a man's attraction is much broad like for example a troll looking guy with a good bank account scores more chucks than a pretty boy working at a bar. Biology you should blame.


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  • homie, the women you are referencing are superficial b*tches. those of us that do not have that complex do not think this way.

  • We aren't.
    We don't care, but whatever you tell yourself...

    • But you are and you do.

    • Again, whatever you tell yourself, dude

  • Don't think you can speak for what all women, and men for that matter, want in a partner.


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  • Because women are not equal to men. They are evil, defective and perverse.

    Just watch them come here one by one and lie, do crazy making or tell you it's not happening. Or one might read this comment and say the opposite after I post this reply just to disprove me. Females are dangerous and malevolent. Be careful... Even the most righteous of women has witchcraft

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