Do white guys have a reputation of being rude?

Or not very tolerant?

One of my guy acquaintances who was not white told me that if my parents bother my roommates like they do now (eg. coming in at odd times), if I had white guys at roommates they would not put up with it.

Another person also told me that white people talk shit when people are not around.

Disclaimer: I am NOT against white people in any way or form. I am just wondering why do people say those things? I didn't grow up in a white-majority country so I don't really know sometimes something that most people would.

I apologize if anyone is offended by this question. Like I said, I am not against white people if anything they've always been good to me and I respect them.

Maybe it's best for this question to remain unanswered henceforth? I didn't mean to post it to cause offence, I was just curious. I like learning about stereotypes of other cultures because I know there are quite a few in mine.


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  • No, but white people have a reputation of thinking they know about other cultures and races. They also think they can say anything to people of other ethnicities and not realize they're coming off as stereotyping. Then they bitch and cry when we call them out on something about it saying that we're rude

    • Do you have an example of when that may have happened?

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    • You can also look up "Asians annoyed of dating white guys".

    • I was also at a restaurant one time and this guy was on a date. He was talking about "real authentic food". I overheard him because he was next to our table was a bit loud. I could tell he was trying to impress his date. He was talking about how the restaurant didn't serve real Mexican enchiladas. He looked over at me and said, "right buddy? This isn't real Mexican enchiladas right." I laughed and told him that he isn't Mexican and doesn't know the difference between Tex mex and Mexican food. We were also at a vegan place lol duh! It's nothing like Mexican food hahaha I told that guy to shut up

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  • A life lesson to live by...

    When someone says. white people or black people or Asians are xxxxxxx. You can take that statement and apply it to every other race with equal accuracy.

    So for instance, white people are rude... thats true to the extent that there are rude white people. Black people are rude... also true to the extent that there are rude black people.

    Any type time you hear someone say "i ran into these white or black or blue people and they did xxxxxx to me so i know their race is like that... then you are dealing with someone that just hasn't been around much or they themselves are racist so dont listen to them.


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  • What a crock...

    • Sometimes I feel like... did he say that to make me believe they're bad so I would get closer to him?

      Another time he said, "If you want a guy go for someone of your own ethnicity who will have at least some heart compared to a white guy."

      He'd say shit like that a lot. It was suspicious

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    • So he picked up on the fact that they were attracted to me and was trying to put negative thoughts in my head? WHAT a jerk!

      Now everything makes sense. Like sometimes when I would tell him there's this really nice white guy who I wish liked me, he's like yeah... not sure if it's possible for him to like you back. Stuff like that.

      Ugh what a total tool. What a horrible person

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  • I'm really tired of this "white people are evil" stereotype that's being repeated all over the internet. It's racist and really silly.

    • I never said white people are evil. Note my disclaimer.

      I'm saying the opposite: why do people think that? For some reason it's especially the guys who seem to be tagged as such

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    • There are people who will stereotype anybody and everybody. Stereotypes are cheap. By your reasoning, white people should want to know that other groups stereotype us. Why? Why should we care? Do black people sit around worrying that some whites call them lazy? Do Chinese people sit and worry that other Asians call them boorish? No, they don't, because the behavior of the individual is what counts, not silly stereotypes purported about the faceless whole.

    • Well I already posted in my update that I didn't mean to offend and it's best for the question to be closed.

      However, I will say it's not really about sitting around and thinking what a culture thinks of you. It's more about questioning someone's behaviour.

      Like I posted in someone else's post, this guy who was of my ethnicity would talk shit about white guys. I didn't know what to make of it.

      I now realize he was using a combination of maybe stereotypes and tact to get me to not ever want to be friends with any of them because he realized they were attracted to me.

      I can't explain it. I hope that somewhat makes sense.

  • Another question to beat white people up...

    • No. More like I was confused as to why I was being told stuff like that.

      Now I get it: that guy didn't want me being friends with white guys that's why he was talking all that nonsense.

      The other person who was talking about how they talk shit about her... I don't think it has to do with 'white' people or non-white people. She was talking about her residence floor mates, maybe it was more a case of her being put around people who didn't connect with her or vice versa, and then she believed something about them which she applied to well everyone in general.

      Note to self: think about the people who stereotype more than the actual stereotype

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    • Look if you're going to believe something about me nothing I say or do is going to change that belief.

      But to my defence: If I was stereotyping white people I'd be ranting on here about them not asking a question and explaining my own personal experience with people choosing to say certain things which I don't think are acceptable about white people's culture.

    • If I said the same thing about black people.. the post would be taken down.