Had to leave my exam really early, why do I feel so bad?

I had been suffering from flu-like symptoms for the last couple of days. There's a heatwave in the UK (it was 35C on the west coast today).

I I had prepared really well for the exam, but I was struggling. On one side I was physically sick. I had thrown up in the morning and I was feeling real nauseated.

On the other I was sweating so fucking much.

An an invigilator asked if I wanted to take a break to freshen up, but that didn't help and I had to leave.

I've failed the exam, but I can still pass to the next year.

Why hey do I feel so bad? It's not like it's my fault that I'm ill.


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  • You had an important test that you couldn't stay for, even if you had a good reason. It's understandable to feel bad because you felt the responsibility and obligation to take it and couldn't. You've moved onto the next year, though, so focus on that... or try to.

  • It sounds like you have hear exhuastion by your symptoms. Be sure to drink plenty of water and rest as much as you can. If you don't feel

    • I've got several bottles of water cooling down in the fridge at the moment, and a bottle of ice-cold water next to me.

      It's so hot I can't go to sleep!

    • Sorry phone went crazy. Trying to say if you're still not feeling good go to the doctor and have it checked out. I know I live in the southern US and it's crazy hot and we're in a drought too!

    • I'm sorry about your exam :(

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