Can I have some girl advice? The ones I like never seem to reciprocate feelings?

My whole life I have had a hard time having girls reciprocate feelings that I have for them. I know it's not under my control, but I feel like going 0/15 or whatever it is at this point is pretty bad. I have plenty of friends who are girls but are not single. It's the girls I meet that are single that I always find myself as just another acquaintance. They seem to like me initially, we trade numbers, text about school and life and then when I ask her to meet up for lunch or something, they either make up an excuse or say yes and then flake on me. I'm 22 now, and am going to be finishing up my Bachelors next year and get a Masters the year after. Surely I'll meet plenty of women in the next few years, but it's hard to be patient when the desire is there and always growing. The latest girl I had a crush on for a year, and she graduated last year but apparently is going to be back doing some research/grad work or whatever. She is super athletic and I thought she was into me, but ever since the first few months that we knew each other she started not responding to texts or doing so half heartedly. I texted her somewhat drunk the other night to see how she was doing and she gave me like a four word answer, and I responded with something kind of deep to cheer her up and try to talk about life, and she never answered. Currently I text zero girls in my contacts because they want nothing to do with me, or I don't really want anything to do with them haha. It's ok if that's the only bad thing in my life (besides the job search during next year, that will be interesting but I should be ok) though, but I would love to eventually meet someone who I like and who actually stays interested in me for more than a few days. It's getting pretty frustrating


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  • Try dating sites, or seek out the services of professional matchmakers. That's what I am planning to do once I am ready to date (currently sorting out my life and career), because I'm too awkward around women, and clueless about how to get them to reciprocate (just like you).

    • I might try dating sites if I'm still single in three or four years, but for now I think I'll just deal with it. The girls my age seem extremely immature and quite frankly, bitchy and self-centered. Like they're on their periods 5 times a month instead of 1. They don't seem worth the effort. Love and sex would be nice to experience, but not if I have to deal with emotional bullshit all the time too, and have it take away from great times with family and friends. Hopefully girls that are like 25+ are a bit more mature and loving

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    • I understand! Girls over 25 are much more mature and realistic, from what I have noticed. So once you are over 25, it won't be that hard (hopefully).

      My case is a bit different, though. I have never confessed to the girls I had feelings for, and just let those feelings fade away with time. And in general I'm uncomfortable approaching women with romantic intent although I have no problem befriending them. That's the reason I want to focus on dating sites and matchmakers.

    • I've always been bad at that too. I've gotten the courage to do it a couple times by calling them on the phone, but not in person. I think I'll wait for a few years though. Good luck in your future endeavors!

  • girls are always like this, they are just stupid, and if they want to be stupid thats their problem, so id just leave them alone and not ever bother them, even if one shows interest just pass it up, even if she tells you she's interested, tell her your tired of girls and there stupid bullshit ways, dont give into them, girls are never what they seem to be, and not what we think they are, so try to forget them.

    • Damn sounds like you've had some bad experiences too. I can't help but agree with you though because I haven't had any good experiences haha. I'd take the opportunity if it came but with little investment at this point, so I do kind of agree with you to an extent. Sometimes it just doesn't seem worth the trouble

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    • you dont seem immature to me, just a normal young guy, stuck in a rut, trying to figure out his life, i know it sucks, why can't it be like a video game and punch in a cheat code to help us along with what we need and want to be happy? if you dont mind the gamer parody. haha
      i wonder what our life would be like if we were a girl? if there was a cheat code for that, id punch it in, in a millisecond.

    • Nah I don't want to be a girl haha, screw that. I like being a guy and like who I am, and in the grand scheme of things it might be a blessing to not be in a relationship. But I get where you're coming from for sure. It would be nice to have some love