Does this true story shock you?

Several years ago I worked as a legal clerk while going to college. This was a case the attorney i worked for told me about.

Guy who owns his own home takes in a homeless woman out of the goodness of his heart. Guy makes stupid mistake of getting sexually involved with her. At some point in their 3 month relationship he's accused of assaulting her and she puts a restraining order upon him.

He then fights legally for the next 6 months to vacate her from his home that she lives in rent free while he lives elsewhere and pays the utilities she uses!

Now that's fucked up! I never did hear the final outcome before I left the job.


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  • did he assault her?

    • I think she accused him of it but there wasn't enough proof to prosecute.

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    • Yeah, but I wasn't the only one shocked about it. The paralegals involved who knew more than I were shocked with the combination of circumstances and legality that allowed her to live there for free.

    • well i would love to know the full story

  • Nah. Par for the course.

  • Obviously her names not on the lease. PG or not she should be the one that has to leave. What Judge issued that restraining order?

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