Let me ask you a question, you never really remember the beginning of a dream, do you? You always wind up right in the middle of what’s going on.)?

  • I end up in the middle of it all
  • I end up in the beginning
  • I cannot remember my dreams
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  • I am remembering the beginning of my dream where my boyfriend (you used to know the user) and I first looked at this question so he dared me to write this but now I ended up in the middle of writing this all. I cannot remember the rest of this because I will fall asleep and close my eyes and see darkness. So I will remember the middle of it. He is kissing me and now I have to press "Send it" The end.

    • I used to know him? who was he?

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    • For sure makes sense too, gag is... well really shitty now.
      Back in 2014 it was good.

    • Thanks for Mho

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  • I tend to remember the whole dream but other times I end up not remembering the end.

  • most people have multiple dreams per night during the REM [rapid eye movement] stage of sleep but we forget majority of our dreams. i try my best to think about them as soon as i wake up but only the ending comes to me.


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