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Okay I don't do this anymore and it was really dumb of me to do but I burned my arms one night with a curler. I didn't let it heal and picked on the scabs. I have dark marks on my arms now and I want to get rid of it. I just hate when people stare and ask what's going on. It was a really dark time in my life and I realized it was not helping so I've stopped. It was a couple months ago. Maybe May when this happened and they're still there. Do you think they will ever go away? Is there a way I can cover it with makeup. Thanks guys :)


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  • You can get lotion or cream that can help reduce scarring, most drugstore carry some verson. With time and care most scars heal to the point where they don't immediately catch attention.

    If they don't fade to your satisfaction over the next year or two you could consider tattooing over them. Scar tissue isn't as easy to cover, but it does work. (It could be images or just better matching your skin tone)

    If people notice just say it was a curling iron accident, not need to explain anything more.


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