I broke my toe... should I cancel?

So I broke my two last toes this morning, I was asked to sit for a couple hours tonight, is this a reasonable reason to cancel on her? I just feel like it sounds kind of silly, I know There is someone else picking up the child that could stay longer (but she just didn't want her to because it would take her longer to get home). I feel bad but I can't walk and was told to stay off of it for 2 days.

the side of my foot and the two last toes are extremely swollen and painful


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  • I wouldn't be keen on hobbling around after children on two broken toes and you're giving notice. I think you're fine.


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  • Entirely reasonable to cancel - You are not physically capable to look after a child and were told to rest

    • Thanks for the advice! Should I mention if she really needs me I can try to come. Or just leave it as that, I don't want it to sound like i'm guilt tripping her lol will it?

    • Just tell her the truth, say you have to cancel because of what the doctor said about rest - Leave it to her to say if she really needs you.

  • Drive there? And if you have to walk a tiny bit don't put pressure on it?
    The worst that could happen is it takes slightly longer to heal, people break toes all the time and mostly don't even realise

    • I don't drive, its the side of my foot and the two last toes, I'm just wondering if I should cancel, If I walk its a good 40 mins

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    • I don't have a bike LOL :(

    • That's irritating...
      Oh well I don't hink itd be THAT unreasonable to cancel, especially if they have someone else who could do it
      But at the same time I don't think t bet why hard for you to walk on a couple of broke toes
      Depends how you feel and how painful it is

  • You only have two toes left and you broke them? That's some bad luck.

    • No, but I was actually looking for advice.

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    • I have to walk there thats the main* problem and take him to the park. but Ill just cancel.

    • Yeah probably best you cancel. So you broke your phalanges?

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