Would you date a guy with deep acne scars on his face?

Ok I am getting depressed due to the present acne scars on my face, but they are not at extreme level. Some of them are covered by the beard but some on the upper cheeks are clearly visible.

I am an "okey" looking guy. Would you date with such a guy or not? Please honest answers !


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  • If I liked a guy as a person I would think of acne scars as a very minor imperfection and would see past it. Plus no one's absolutely perfect.

    • The problem is; most of the people out there likes to make prejudgement. Therefore, most of them will not give a chance if they don't like your scars.

    • That's a valid point and most people do judge based on appearance first. Still I strongly believe this wouldn't be an issue with the right person and anyone being judgmental is not worth your time

  • would you date a girl with a lot of acne scars? I have the same problem as you

    • I like to be honest so my answer is probably no.. But depends on the girls as well because I have seen few cute/beautiful girls with acne scars that I would date.

      But, i have loads of friends who date with other people in the same situation. Therefore it depends on individual I say.

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    • I had severe acne 5 years ago so i used some antibiotics, creams and even tried roaccutane. I dont seem to breakout now but the residual scars are on my face for almost 4-5 years now and they are very annoying...

    • I think it will take many years to be scar free since they were quite deep

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