Should I contact somebody soon regarding a dog constantly outside in treacherous heat?

We always get new neighbors and this time it's a full family with a bunch of kids. They have a dog who they almost always have outside in the backyard. It's easy to tell the husband couldn't give two sh*ts about the dog since it's gotten out of the house and wandered around the neighborhood and just let it go until the wife tried looking for it. It's summertime here in Chicago and this week is supposed to be the hottest week in over 3 years (115 heat index). Right now it's just about 89 degrees with humidity. We noticed the dog is outside in the back again pacing up and down the deck and the side door wanting to go in. He is panting like no other, and it seems like nobody is home, but I could be wrong. I'm starting to seriously get pissed off since they always do this to the dog and I am afraid they'll do it when the extreme heat comes starting tomorrow. Should I call somebody soon or what? I am going to wait until tomorrow or so to see if the dog is outside during the heatwave, and if it is I'll actually consider calling. I just want an opinion from reasonable people.

Thank you!

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  • If the dog looks like it's in distress or in danger from the heat, yes, you should call someone. Are you able to go to their house and see if there's anyone inside? If there is, you could notify them that the dog looks like it's struggling and may need to be brought in. If there's no one there, you can tell somebody that you've tried to contact the owners about the dog's state but you can't reach them.


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  • Is there any shade trees in the yard that he can use to shelter or a shelter built for him from the sun? I know this does not combat against the Heat its self.

    • There is a small apple tree in the backyard that provides some shade, but it doesn't go near it. It keeps pacing back and forth to the two doors.

    • While it is in my opinion cruel to leave any animal out in this heat , most aspca locations will side with the animal owner if there is a good supply of water and some means of shelter provided

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  • i think you should contact someone, if it was a child left out in that heat someone would be contacted ASAP so it should be the same for the dog, a dog could easily die in that heat


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  • can you see if it has water?

    • It doesn't have any water.

    • if you are certain of this, I would report

      For the animal is in real danger :(

  • What are they supposed to do? Bring it in the house? You can't have a dog in the house unless it's small and well trained

    • You shouldn't have a dog if you don't want in the house, period.

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    • Lol, okay you keep thinking that.

    • It's true. Maybe in Chicago everyone brings them indoors I dunno

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