My mom thinks I am a horrible and manipulative person?

She elaborated by saying I put on a kind face to the world and then treat my family like crap because I apparently think they are my family and they will always come back no matter how badly I treat them. It hurt a lot because my biggest fears are failure and losing the people I care about. I don't know why she thinks that way. But it mostly hurt because I care about all people in general, a lot. But I most of all my family. My mom knows I don't like being around people and I like quiet but more than once have I changed my schedule because someone in my family or a friend needed someone to talk to. Even if I do something kind for them they think I want something. How can I fix this? Or is it too late?


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  • Ask yourself why it really hurt you?

    was it the words said or the truth behind it :(

    • It was the words said. I do a lot of kind things but it's like they never notice or it's just not good enough for them.

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    • Okay. I will have to put some thought into what I want to say. Because I have difficulty expressing emotions.

    • Maybe that is why they have judged you this way. Make a plan to express openly and honestly to them as well as listening to their replies

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  • It is never too late. But you need to express that your not like other people and that you have a different personality. Some parents can never understand how they own children tick, when it's bad enough their confused over their spouse or partner. Also reevaluate your self and place yourself in her shoes, so that you can figure out why she would say something like that. The only reason why I can think that is because she's an extrovert and your an introvert. Sometimes its that and a mixture of jealousy. I totally believe your an introvert and she's an unhealthy extrovert who can't accept the fact that you can't be around certain people.

    • I thought it was that to. A few days I got fired and I begged and begged for her to let me grieve in private but she made me sit with the family and pretend nothing was wrong. Every time I confront her she swears it isn't that. But I will make her tell me the truth.

    • I'm extremely sorry you lost your job. You don't have to put up with it. You do need answers. She is not being a true parent. She should have understanding, not lack of understanding. It sounds like to me she has been emotionally neglectful towards you as a child. A lot of parents are guilty of that, yet they always want to know why their child is behaving a certain way.

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