Who would you turn to?

This is again just for fun. If you had a problem with your battery and you desperately needed a phone, who would you turn to?
If your phone dies in the middle of nowhere and you have a situation where you really need to call to get anywhere from that place, what would you do?
Well, you let's say you are not completely alone. In the middle of nowhere there are also a few people who you can ask for help. Then there is an option to just start walking about 50miles to the place where you need to go to. Who or what would you choose?

  • A guy smoking weed, sitting in a tree and trying to burn it down
  • A woman who is endlessly crying in a corner
  • A man who swears for himself and looks angrily at everyone
  • A girl that yells stupid things and throws stones at the crying woman
  • A person who is fully covered and you barely can see their eyes.
  • An old man who tries to touch every woman and flirts with them in a rude way and couldn't care less for the men.
  • Walk, no matter how far and what the case is
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Most Helpful Guy

  • The old man because I'll be safest around him. If he gets aggressive I can beat his ass too as he's week and I have a excuse that he was harassing others as well.
    Didn't chose others because :
    A: He's already high, he might just light me up 😂
    B:She reminds me of horror movies and looks like she already needs help so m not wasting my time convincing her.
    C:He might beat my ass for just looking at him, let alone approaching and convincing him to use his phone.
    D:One of her stones might land on my head.
    E: She could be wearing a suicide vest so m keeping away from her.

    If the old guy doesn't let me use his cell I'll try the little girl followed by the stoner guy.

    • Haha what a great theory 👏 I think he could be quite harmless, but don't know if he even has a phone 😂

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    • Haha okey, you are one of them. Then it is only logical you ask him. But do you climb up in that tree?

    • He'll come down when I'll show him my superior kush.

Most Helpful Girl

  • the stoner or the niqabi


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