For some reason I can't bring myself to sit on a table and study with my books?

When I was in school, (business program), I was very good at all the project work. Mostly A range in that stuff.

But I was not good at tests and this would bring my mark down. Mainly the quantitative material. I just couldn't bring myself to open a textbook and study. But when I had to do it for a project, I could.

I'm not an organized person and also not good with time management. Do a lot of people have this problem of not being able to study regularly?

Does this mean I'm not book smart os that I'm lazy/not conditioned to study for large periods of time?
I think what I'm trying to say is... I hate studying. But when I do study I am 'smarter' than all the other people in terms of my ability to ace a test


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  • This is how I answered a similar question yesterday...

    Q: How do you force yourself to study everyday?

    A: You get paranoid. Like playing an intense violent kill-or-be-killed video game. Once you get in that mindset, you think in terms of survival and what you need to do to survive and kill the enemy.

    Now, what this means us that you don't think in dry factual terms like "Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492." but begin to think like the teacher as in "If I was him/her, what sort of questions would I ask on an exam for my students?" Once you do that, then you have problems to solve and you solve them. This is studying. But, it is also a confidence builder and, subconsciously, you are getting positive feedback - like "runners high" - and you keep going. Then, when you later do well on the exam, you keep up that method of studying.

    This mentality can take you far in life.

    • I think what really concerns me is: would I be classified as not book smart?

      When I do well on a course I like, it's because I put in effort into it.

      When I don't do well in a course I don't like, it's not because I put in effort and did bad it's because I didn't like it enough to put effort into it.

      What does that make me?

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    • ^ I agree. This is why most people say that you don't need a business degree to do business.

      You know, sometimes I feel as though my parents are pretty responsible for creating this mess to begin with.

      Yeah I was always good at the non-quant. stuff but I started to show a lot of growth in school. i loved my school and worked really hard up until 2nd year. I even got A-s on accounting exams.

      My 'father' would undermine that effort. He'd talk about me pursuing community college after University (lol I can't even...)

      I lost motivation to do well at school. I started becoming street smart ot the extent where I knew what to say around whom to command respect etc. but really I was doing awful on those tests.

      I regret every second of it. I was a smart girl and could've easily done well without doing amazing had I let go of all the background noise and focused on what I needed to do to move forward.

    • To date, I'm not even kidding, I was talking to a pretty important person about my interest in something quant. focused and my father was trying to undermine me saying she likes poetry, has a lot of talents like pottery etc.

      I really had to control myself to not freak out at him but I managed to put on a cool face

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  • Maybe some kind of learning difficulty or attention deficit disorder.. My parents assumed that when I was younger because I always had trouble sitting down and studying as well despite getting good grades but it turned out I just have a high IQ and found the study material boring because it was too uninteresting/easy for me. I'm a bit afraid this is gonna become more of a problem for me later though as I might actually need to study for exams in university but just won't know how to.
    My advice, take both an official IQ- but also an ADHD test. One doesn't exclude the other by the way.


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  • I don't think you have a problem. Humans are changing, I won't get into the depths of that now but the real problem is that of the school system. It takes a systematic/left brain approach to learning and not everyone learns like this. Some of us are right brained... so the problem is with the system. Our children are changing, things don't stay the same forever. Evolution can be seen in all aspects of life and when schools refuses to change and adapt to our new children only one fate is destined... our children will be labeled msfts, troublemakers and everything negative... why? Because they are not fitting in to what they expect of us, how we should learn how we should talk etc etc... Sorry for straying for the point.. there most likely are others who don't learn in a way to sit and study for a test etc. You're not the only one :)

    • See the thing that bothers me is this: I could go for 2 months not even opening my textbook.

      However, 4 days before the test, I'll read the whole thing and voila! A on the exam. Whereas my roommates who would study for like 2-3 weeks would get an A-.


      So when I force myself to do it... I'm pretty darn good! But since I lack the motivation, my results are pretty arbitrary. If I've put in effort in a course=good results.

      If I haven't, (and for some I truly haven't)=no results

    • Not to be rude :) but honestly, I think you're just lazy. Want a cure for that? It's motivation.. find a way to be motivated or motivate yourself

  • i am about to tell you something shocking to most people that you NEED to remember.
    the key to doing well in any exam is not to study, study, study, it's to remain calm, and just chill don't worry about anything whatsoever just sit down and answer the questions. And for the best tip of all... you dont need to study.
    Seriously at the end of June i had my end of year exams and didn't study AT ALL i simply listened carefully during the classes and i got about 80-95 percent on all of my exams and then my friend, Josh who is preasured by his mum to study really hard only got 70-80 which is good but not as good as me and i got way more free time than him.

  • A lot do.

    • Does this mean I'm not book smart?

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    • I've better things to do right now than talk to you. Later.

    • Whatever. I don't take you seriously anyways

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