Can someone please explain me these sentences?

1. If left untreated, diabetes can cause many complications.
2. I remember running around all the time outdoors when I was a kid.
Please help me it is really very important to me !
isn't it the word left opposite of the word right that describes a direction? How can it be treated, and in 2nd sentence how can we use outdoor as a verb? I am so confused i know these are so ordinary sentences for those whose first language is English so please help me i have been trying to figure out their meaning for hours but i haven't been able to do it.


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  • The word 'left' definitely does describe a direction, opposite to the direction 'right'. However, 'left' can also be used to describe something that is ignored or something that is allowed to continue, e. g. if you 'leave something alone' in English, it means that you allow that to go on and you don't interfere. In the context of diabetes, 'left untreated' means that the disease has been ignored and is not being managed as it should be.

    'Outdoors' in English is used to refer to anything outside a building, e. g. a park is outdoors, a garden is outdoors, a forest is outdoors.

    • Oh i supposed outdoors was a verb there ! Ya i feel very embarassed now thank you so much girl :) your explanation was perfect !!!

    • Aww, thanks! No need to feel embarrassed, good luck with whatever you're doing! :)

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