Am I getting depressed sitting at home?

I just finished University like in April.

It's July. I don't know what the date is. Heck I'm not even sure what day it is today (I think it's Wednesday although I can double-check using my calendar).

I have barely gone out. I deactivated my account. I haven't talked to friends, (actually I have none). I feel sad. I feel lonely. I keep thinking about school even though it's over.

I got a B overall, B- in my major GPA. I have no idea what I want to do.


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  • Yiu neef to get a job I'm the field you spent your money going to university for

    • I went for Business Administration

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    • Why are you being a jerk?

    • Do you not think I'm smart?

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  • Yes you are getting depressed and you should feel better soon


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