Are black people fully human whilst the rest mixed with a died out species?

This is all light hearted and just a random thought!

I read this sentence somewhere and it seriously provoked a lot of thought.
Black people just seem to do human better.
I live with a few as a white female in England and in a completely observational way - noticed they have less physical issues than whites.

They never (rarely) get sick. They culturally eat with their hands sharing a bowl (whites would definitely catch everything this way) in fact, African disease has had to evolve to infect Black Africans. Malaria is carried in freaking mosquitoes. HIV is contracted through sex.
How flipping difficult is that to avoid unless your species dies out?
We are lucky in the West since we caused most of our disease (of origin) through poor hygiene lol
Bacterial infections are avoidable.

Their melanin keeps dark skin youthful and soft. As someone with eczema I find that lovely.
Physically fitter.
Bodies designed to attract attention in both men and women (shapely and endowed)

The list could go on!!

But whites are full of physical issues. We can't even survive our own cold.
I think we come with a lot of positives thanks to survival but overall we would struggle without our houses or sun cream.

So at some point, I think a few black people mated with a northern species that wasn't "human" and created us. We are too similar to black people to be that different. But its entirely possible we mixed with something else that is long long dead due to lack of adaptation.

Asians are derived from a South African race and are probably much closer to being black than us but cross-bred due to their cultures not associating until the middle ages.

Thanks for reading!


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  • No black Africans are also mixed with another unknown subspecies. DNA is found in small quantities <1%

    Blacks of Australia have mixture of some other subspecies (idaltu iirc)

    Neanderthal was also homo-sapien and so were the others. These classifications are bullshit. 10,000 years from now someone could classify Europeans and Chinese as different sub-species too.

    by the way East Asians have the highest admixture of Neanderthals.

    • Ok, but I am aware that we originated in Africa. I am up to date on my National Geographic lol

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    • Ok. I lost you at WHITE GUILT.

    • Chinese reject it as do many others. This is due to age of skeletons found elsewhere.

  • haha no they are not


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