Thinking of writing a satirical short story in my spare time called "How to Push Women Away" or something like that?

Everything in my life is going pretty solid. School is going well, going to graduate with a Masters in two years and hopefully get a great job that pays well, working on that right now. But girls have always been trouble. I have a fair amount of guy friends, but only like 5 or 6 that I consistently stay in touch with. I have friends who are girls, but none of them are single. Girls I've been attracted to have either: not liked me, liked me only as a friend, teased me so I thought they liked me but was wrong and they ended up ignoring me, or teased me and then told me they needed to "think about it, but thought I was really nice and sweet" when I asked them out so I ended up saying fuck that she's just trying to let me down easy. Basically I haven't ever had any luck with girls, and for now I'm giving up. I've wasted enough emotions and hope has all but gone down the toilet. I'm a pretty solid guy, but admittedly a string bean (6 feet 150 haha). I was thinking of maybe writing a book in my small amount of spare time in order to kind of make me feel a bit better about it as a thing I kind of laugh off, but maybe I shouldn't waste any more time dwelling on the negative aspect of life. Relationships with girls are the only thing I've ever truly struggled with in my life, and I don't think I'll ever get better at it other than just being able to be a good friend. For whatever reason, girls I like just don't seem to ever like me back/be willing to give me a chance. I'm finished putting in any effort when I get squat in return, and that's that. I hope I'll find someone someday as I am still very young, but am jaded for sure :( past experiences ruined my outlook on girls and relationships big time. I used to look forward to meeting them but now I avoid it almost entirely.


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