Should I cut everyone from University off?

When I was in University, I did a good program.

However, what I noticed, which was interesting, is that lots of people aren't able to separate the reasons they go to school and the people they meet.

For example, my elder sister went to University with all these rich kids who ended up getting fancy wall street equivalent jobs. She didn't. And the one she got, she lost.

However what I could see is she graduated from a program which was pretty good, and had better prospects than the average person. Why couldn't she just forget her classmates and move on?

Sometimes I fear the same thing of me. Lots of people in my program are going to go on to do great things. I'm happy for them, really. But I don't want to live my life wondering every step of the way if something I do is not going to be good enough.

I'd rather just cut everyone off, and go back to my pre-University life, making full use of the degree I got as much as I can. It's not an ideal route but maybe a necessary one?


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  • I did exactly what you are proposing!

    • What were your reasons for doing that?

      I don't want to come across as bitchy to those people. But it's not like I was that close to them anyways.

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    • The worst thing you can be in life is a mediocre replication of someone else's excellence.

    • That's another reason. I literally do no care in the slightest whether they approve of me or not. So since I don't care if they are impressed by my success or failure, I do not need them to be aware of it.

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  • I think that sounds dumb