Why is it even when I was little that when im sad or hurt and im ripping apart on the inside or if im crying i?

don't want to be consoled i don't want people to touch me i just want to hide i don't want anyone to see me cry why am i like that its like the worst thing for me if someone sees me cry?


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  • 1. Pride about who you are
    2. Feeling that you are self dependent and not weak (you consider it weakness to be emotional etc?)
    3. Certain animosity towards people, mistrust on others etc

    Well I'm not going to console you but tickle you till you laugh or you throw a fit (and stuff) at me lol

    • Thank you, young lady for your kind, charming, gracious and generous gesture of selecting my opinion the MHO <3 :)

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  • Because your and introvert when you feel that way. You just want to be alone.

    • what do you mean introvert

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    • you're welcome @soulbabe :)

  • I don't know its the same with me, I prefer to by myself


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