If a wife or husband felt like running away or killing themselves, are they BAD?

I know of a husband who killed himself.
I am a wife who wants to run away a lot.
Do you think:
A. They are bad, selfish, evil, mentally ill, unstable, sick people who are just thinking about themselves and not others. Good riddance. If they don't die, they should be punished. They are making people sad and worried when they think about themselves. They owe those who supposedly love them an apology for this terrible action and they need to make up for worrying everyone by doing extra extra work. More more!!!

B. They are not bad. They just feel like their feelings and thoughts are not valued. They are sad, and feel judged too harshly. They feel like their hopes are gone, and they see too much hatred around them and no matter what the hatred won't go away. They are always the ones that ask, do you need anything? How are you? But they are feeling like no one asks them. No one cares about them. Not even one person. They feel like it's better if they weren't even there. People just want to use and Abuse them and control them. Life is not worth this pain.

  • A, they are bad
  • B, they are not bad
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  • It's B.

    People stay in abusive relationships because they don't have any other options.


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  • i don't think they are bad
    in the case of the man who committed suicide i think the circumstances around why they committed suicide are very pertinent to any labeling. i've seen men commit suicide in situations where i'd call them a coward. I've heard of people committing suicide in situations that i would say have to do with mental health

    in the case of you or people wanting to run from a relationship again i think it depends. perhaps the relationship is not good and leaves the person feeling like they need to get away. then i think there are people who have the feeling of running away simply because they fear commitment.

    so it really depends on the reasons for wanting to do either act

  • They are not bad. They suffer from a very serious mental illness, The don't trust their judgement, are uncertain and can't reconcile their thoughts and feelings because their minds are unstable and unsure and irrational. , And, really sadly, they know it. It's a major problematic symptom of Bipolar disorder and causes many suicides. I have two friends, a guy and a gal about the same age who have wrestled with it for years and years. The dude is very low right now, but I've seen that shit run wild - way worse during the cocaine fueled '80's. They'll both make it. But they'll live and be tortured by life, and suffer substance abuse, alcoholism, and many more suicidal thoughts. They'll kill the themselves, but not via suicide, probably an illicit drug incident. It's very sad, as their intelligent people, but life disagrees with them, RIP

  • Not at all, the largest cause of suicide is mental illness and I WOULD NEVER THINK LESS OF THEM FOR THAT

  • They are just mentally ill in my opinion and need help.


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  • Mental illnesses don't make a person bad. I'm assuming that husband was suffering from severe depression, to commit suicide. I also assume that someone who wants to run away isn't feeling very good either.