What would you say as an intro to girls in the clubs?

I just went to a club when it was slow and just opened. I was well dressed and in a good mood. It seemed like a lot of girls were giving me approach invitations. The best I could do was manage some conversation about where they were from, what they did for work, etc? They got bored before I could even ask their names.


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  • Not a smooth talker so I tend to just how they're doing and sometimes also dance with them (often without even asking).

    I found you don't have to try to keep conversations going so hard if the girl is very interested in you. She'll help if she is and ask questions her own. If she's not, the conversation can flat-line quickly.

    It also helps to be easy-going and befriend the staff, guys there, girls who aren't attractive so much to you, everyone. It'll tend to kind of help if you're the type who can befriend everyone inside.

    Another thing I found works wonders is go to a night club with female friends (not girlfriends). Something about hanging out with girls in the night club and getting them to laugh and dance together with you can make girls pay more attention to you and sometimes even approach them themselves (I have no idea why, I've just found it tends to work for me).

    • [...] and sometimes even approach them [/you] themselves [...]

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    • AgeHa (and this is just one of the rooms, there are many):

      I never got any girls there. Teeny clubs are the best in my opinion, at least if you're like me.

    • By the time there's that many people, meeting someone is probably out of the question.

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  • Club girls are party girls they want booze and drugs then in return you get laid. Dont go to clubs to meet women.

    • That sounds kind of fun, though.

  • Wouldn't say anything, girls in clubs usually aren't my cup of tea. So it's not worth starting a conversation with them, I have no interest in party girls.

    • Yea something tells me if I hang out with those types, I would die an early death. But they probably wouldn't think I'm cool enough, anyway.

    • Lol who knows.

  • My best intro for girls at clubs is to leave the club and find girls worth speaking to.

    • Savage­čśé But some girls in the club are worth talking to

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    • Get rid of this obscene sense of entitlement to free stuff from men (who are only real men if they pay for everything, apparently) and catch her in an atmosphere where she isn't deluded by thirsty male stalkers getting in her space.

      When everything comes easy you take substance for granted. That's the club life for women, and that's why I don't club anymore.

    • I guess I don't talk to them enough at the clubs to know what goes on with them.

  • If you're in a club you want to have fun.
    Not explaining your life story.

    Dance, drink, have fun.

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