How come people in University study so much and yet have time for fun?

They were better students than I lol and yet they had so much time for fun stuff.

But what I respect about them more than that is they didn't act mad and irritable all the time just because they were smart. They still knew how to be polite and kind to people.


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  • That's an interesting question. When I was in HS, I didn't study much, and still irritable as hell. I hated everyone including all students, teachers, janitors, cafeteria ladies, etc.

    In college, I studied shit ton, did well, and still had time for fun. College is when you realize that if you fuck up on your academics, your life afterwards is gonna get fucked. So You're literally studying to survive. It's a real deal. I was definitely a lot more stressed than I was in high school, but I also had more ways to relieve my stress. College was amazing. I wish I could go back and do it all over again :)

    • Really? I remember my second year of University was very strong. I was way above average.

      But I was never happy, I was always stressed. My brain was utilized to its fullest power and that made me a sad person.

      If that makes sense.

    • You can't just lock yourself in your room and study. You need to go out and meet people. I did both, and graduated with flying colors.

    • I had horrible horrible friends. They were jealous of how well I was doing and made me miserable. That's definitely a part of it.

      But I sometimes wonder if not liking what I was studying tied into the unhappiness I was experiencing. I didn't hate it. I didn't love it either. It was somewhere in the middle my love of what I was studying.

      I still appreciate my degree though and am thankful I got the opportunity to study what I did

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  • Well if your paying for this degree and you putting yourself in a position of debt then I assume most people would take their degree seriously because now a days there no reason to fuck around. Also they could find fun in things you don't find fun and vice versa you don't really know what they do everyday. Also a lot of students need jobs to pay for their degree so they could be working.

    • You know I didn't pay for University (my parents did). I chose a good degree because I knew it would pay off.

      But sometimes I felt... when I was a good student, I was never happy. I was sad. I was irritable. I was stressed.

      It's like I couldn't switch my brain off. A part of me was lost in the process of being this good girl student.

      Then I'd look at everyone else and they'd be normal. Like studying, not studying it wouldn't have a connection with their behaviour.

      I'd wonder what's wrong with me.

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    • It is very true about not knowing the grind that others are doing. During finals week one year I didn't see my roommate for 5 days! Then I get back to the apartment after my last final on Thursday afternoon and he was already shitfaced! :-D

      Work hard, play hard. He said he was literally sleeping in the library studying for his law finals!

    • That's another thing I don't understand... I used to study 4-5 days before the final.

      But now I feel confused. Why didn't I study a little bit every day for like an hour or so?

      My capacity to actually handle stress in terms of consuming large amounts of information was near zero towards the end, in terms of I just didn't have the strength any more to cram like I used to.

      Now I wonder why didn't I devote some time everyday.

      I am so

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  • You answered your own question. They are smart aka intelligent. They have an amazing ability to absorb information very easily, understand it and retrieve it on test day. Most people who are intelligent are pretty easy to spot simply by talking to them for a few minutes.

    • I actually don't agree with that.

      I would be considered a smart person. Studying for an exam 3-4 days before and doing well kind of smart.

      I was never happy. I don't know why. I just wasn't.

      Also, about talking to them for a few minutes proves their intelligent I don't agree with that either. I know LOTS of people who may not come across as 'that' smart because of language barriers. I have a really high command over language.

      But I know that those people probably are smarter than me on certain kind of subjects that have nothing to do with language, like maybe sciences.

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    • I think what I'm trying to say is when I'm not in school/studying I am a completely different person.

      Playful, kind, sweet, nice, funny, cute, child-like.

      And then you put me in school and I become this serious, mean, irritable, stressed, awful person.

      I don't understand why school doesn't affect other people as much as it affects me

    • I have been through college two times in my life. the second time I was 42 when I graduated. I swore I would never, ever set foot in a classroom again as I viewed it as a stressful waste of time. Classes like History of Western Civilization and Music Appreciation never has had little to no value to me since graduating.

      On the ironic side of this a couple months after graduation I was asked to teach the computer networking classes I took. I had no teaching background. The college admins said because I did so well in that subject the instructor who was moving to Arizona recommended me. I accepted their offer and found the world on the other side of an instructor's desk is nothing like I thought it was. I actually enjoyed being the instructor a whole lot more than being the student.

      This could be what you are dealing with. Just a guess.

  • I study in University (in the medical field), and I also work part time. When I still had some time left I went out on ocassion with friends. But now that I'm more advanced I really don't have time for anything else. So when I see other classmates going out and partying and such, I kind of get it since most of them don't work.

    The fact that someone has better grades than you and has usually a good mood doesn't make them more intelligent, and the latter has more to do with personality. Not everyone will respond the same to the University system. Far less people will respond the same to every professor, their approach and the material used. All those dynamics will affect your learning more than the content of the course itself.

    Time management, as others have mentioned, plays a huge role too. I, for one, am not very organized so that's maybe you need to work on too.

    • Yeah I also face this problem of not being as organized as I'd like.

      I think sometimes... I feel as though what's the point of University. Like is it all worth it?

      That's another thing I struggle with. A part of it is also that I don't absolutely love the material, but then I look around and realize a lot of people don't love the material of the majors they may be studying. It's not fair to really say hey they like it more than I do because they may not.

      At what point does someone think... it's time to stop.

      My mother always felt University was supposed to be amazing because I'm getting knowledge. I understand her perspective but I sometimes feel she underestimated how stressful the studying process can be, and what it does to you as a person.

    • Remember that things in theory differ from things in practice. I've found myself much more enthusiastic with practical things, than the whole lot of theory I need to absorb. Also, I have found myself frustrated many times with the time given to learn my classes. I know I have interest in what I'm studying because of what I've felt before when I read certain subjects that fascinate me, and mostly when I've gotten into the action of things.

      There are several courses I've received that, even though I will use for other courses, I don't give a shit about (like for example, calculus and physics), but say the microbiology courses and the anatomy courses are something that interest me a lot (even though I'm repeating my anatomy 2 class lol).

    • And again, conflicts with teachers and/or other students, conflict with the university system and such will also affect your mood and interest throughout your studies. There are lots of factors you just don't take in account when deciding to study a career. And unfortunately, you cannot know when to hang up the cape until you reeeeaally tried. Like when you fight for it all you could, even though you end up wasting months of your life, and then all will is completely gone. I've been there,. I have a degree in administration, it was kind of easy for me but halfway I realized it wasn't my thing. Ignored what I felt, worked for 3/4 years in administration and decide to leave all behind and started with something else. So you should sometimes listen to whatever your gut is telling you. You may envision yourself in that profession when you know enough about it, and gain perspective, and you should be perceptive enough to know whether you fit the mold or not.

  • The key for these brainy students that party a lot is... they have solved the puzzle of how to EFFICIENTLY study, so they are studying less hours.

    I went to a shitty high school in an urban area so I was LEARNING how to study in college and struggled the first two years, but at year 3 I finally figured out what method works for me!

    • I graduated from UC Santa Barbara, a school known simultaneously for being a top party school as well as a top school for academics.

      That school literally embodies the "work hard play hard" mentality. Students would literally sleep in the study halls and in the library during exam times. Study groups would be happening all over the campus in all hours of the night. Computer labs and science/engineering labs were open 24 hours with students grinding out their projects in there!

      Don't even get me started on the all-day, all-night essay writing that I had to do!

      So when they handle their shit and it's time to have fun, they TOTALLY let loose! :-D

    • I wish I knew how to have fun.

      I didn't have any real friends in University. I didn't even drink for personal reasons.

      Plus I'd feel sort of odd having fun. Like my idea of fun is just having someone to talk to. Talk to about the world and people and stuff like that.

      I'm such an odd person which brings me back to my initial point lol what's wrong with me

  • Time management for me. I did most of the readings and shit I coukd do a week ahead of time on Fridays cuz I had Fridays off of classes. So then that night and weekends I could party. Then Sunday finish up any thing I didn't finish.

    • Smart guy.

      Hmm so you'd stay ahead of your readings and then during exam time didn't have to cram?

      Very clever.

      Sometimes I feel as though... I wish I had studied a little bit everyday. I'm so so stupid for not doing that! Like even if it's an hour just open my book and learn.

      It would put less stress on me during exam time.

    • Yeah plus I took a course on speak reading so that helped a lot. As an accounting student we had Fridays off cuz the professors had like meetings on Fridays I guess lol. It was nice to be done on Thursday.

      Yeah we live and learn I guess

  • Time management.

    But most people I know who party a lot in university are not doing very well in their classes.

  • I'm studying right now instead of going out because I decided to take summer courses and have a final Monday. Fuck me right?

    • Nooo

      :) Study study study

      Hey can I ask you a question? When I was in University I'd cram. I'd cram like shit lol.

      But now I wonder... why did I cram? Why didn't I study a little bit for my courses like half an hour or one hour per day.

      I'm so confused ah. It's funny how after you graduate... nothing makes sense lol

  • some majors are not really anything

    • you mean like Gender Studies, philosophy, English, and pretty other useless shit like that?

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    • I am perfectly capable of understanding your incoherent English so give me the benefit of the doubt that I'd understand, "Sometimes being an adults means being a child."

      If you want someone to take you seriously at least take the time and effort to write out your argument correctly.

    • my arguments fine. move along little girl go play with some blocks. uncle is tired now i dont want to play anymore.

  • Effectiveness is everything.

  • A lot of people just don't have to study to get good grades.

    • I don't think so.

      Lots of our exams test material from the textbook so you do have to read that stuff to get a good grade.

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    • Yep. I could be lying. But at least I'm not anonymous.

      Anyways, you bore me. Over and out.

    • That's usually what people say when they don't have a clever answer to retort back.

      Whatever. Right back at ya mate. Goodbye.

  • Time management

    • I really want to do a course on time management.

      I never learned how to be good at it. I mean I had all these school changes it negatively affected me.

  • They had nothing else to worry about. They just studied and had fun. They had no other responsibilities.

  • Wake up pills and coffee you have way or time in the day if you take sleep out of the equation

    • I feel sad. I wished I had studied more in university

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    • Yeah buddy I got that :)

      Really? What do you work as

    • I work as a power engineer at a nuclear power plant

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  • Class is only like 15 hours a week, so there's a lot of time to study and still have fun. But people who worked during school had a lot more time pressure.

  • I guess it's all about organising your time.
    While I was studying, I'd use Saturday morning for example 9am - 1pm to get all my work done. That way I have the rest of Saturday and all of Sunday to chill.

    • That's smart.

      I don't know why, but I can't bring myself to study properly. Like I avoid it as much as I can and cram before exams.

      Studying to me is equivalent to a chore. I never really enjoyed the process.

      But then I also sometimes feel as though lots of people had more 'fun' than I did. They went outside, enjoyed themselves, came back. That's a better life than maybe having more free time to do what you like (personally I love watching movies makes me wonder if I should be a film studies major), and not really having a normal life of going outside etc.

    • I think a part of it is also that I didn't 'love' the material of what I was studying.

      But that's another thing with me... I wasn't a dumb girl. I felt guilty if I wasn't doing better because I knew I had the capacity to do better even if I didn't like it. I just needed to try harder

    • What i've realised is that once you force yourself to start, you won't stop. It's just that moment of motivation to open your work and start doing it that's hard. Once you begin, you'll finish it; it becomes easier. I like to think of it as getting something over and done with. Leaving my work would make me feel really stressed out so I just wanted to get it over and done with. Sometimes you could also reward yourself; so for every exam paper I did, I'd reward myself with a break on YouTube etc. Good luck!

  • Organisation.

  • Time management.

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